The Apple 2021 notebook chip is A14X iPad based
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Bloomberg has rekindled news that Apple has been working on its own chip, and many covered the news claiming that 2021 iPads will get an iPhone chip. Well, they won't as it would not be that powerful to put a 2W TDP chip in a notebook, and instead, the modified version of A14X iPad chip will find its place to the Macbooks of the future. We got a few details confirmed.

iPad turns ten
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29 January 2020

iPad turns ten

Still yet to make any impact

A decade ago, Apple's spiritual head Steve Jobs promised Apple fanboys that his brand new tablet gizmo would change the world – it didn't thanks mostly to limited software and simple evolution of mobile tech.

Apple also offers a new entry-level iPad
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Bigger screen, same A10 Fusion SoC, same price

In addition to the new "affordable" iPhone 11, and the new iPhone 11 Pro lineup, Apple also unveiled a new entry-level iPad at its event last night.

iPad iOS will grow up at last
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Finally getting Windows

Fruity cargo cult Apple is hoping to turn its iPad toy into a more useful tool by copying Microsoft Windows.

Apple to merge iPhone, iPad and Mac apps
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Even though it said users didn’t want it

Fruity cargo cult Apple is merging its iPhone and Mac Apps by 2021 despite previously saying users did not want it.

Apple retracts bending its iPad confession
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It is fake news; they are perfect and if they look like they are bending they are not really

Fruity cargo cult Apple has retracted its confession that the iPad Pro bends it like Beckham.

Apple to take the headphone jack out of iPad
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Rumours of less

The dark satanic rumour mill says Apple's upcoming iPad Pro models will feature slightly smaller bodies, a relocated Smart Connector, and no headphone jack.

Apple's new iPad advert is annoying
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Anger on the web

Apple's advert for the multi-tasking capability of the iPad Pro and iOS 11 is managing to get people really cross.

Apple plans a cheaper iPad
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Wants to hold on to market share

A report said that Apple will introduce a 9.7-inch iPad next year, with a comparatively low price tag.

Ancient Babylonian tablet more accurate than Apple’s
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The game changer which disappeared from human records

A game changing Ancient Babylonian tablet runs an advanced form of trigonometry which is more accurate than the system used today – it also does not require a battery.