AMD Polaris 30 GPU made at both GlobalFoundries and Samsung
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GloFo's 12LP and Samsung's 11LPP

According to details that have surfaced after the launch of the new Radeon RX 590 refresh, it appears that AMD is sourcing the "new" Polaris 30 GPU from both GlobalFoundries and Samsung.

Nvidia hit by crypto hangover
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Shares plummet

The chipmaker names after a Roman vengeance demon has warned of dark times ahead.

Intel confirms its support for VESA Adaptive Sync
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Says it has the widest impact and install base

After an initial report, Intel has now confirmed it will support Adaptive Sync, rather than focus on a proprietary solution.

Nvidia confirms RTX 2080 Ti bugs with early batch
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Still nothing serious, according to Nvidia

There has been a lot of talk regarding issues with Nvidia's latest flagship RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards but, according to Nvidia, it is nothing serious and unusual, and the company is still working with those affected by the problem.

AMD officially releases Radeon RX 590
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Based on 12nm Polaris GPU

As expected, rumored, and leaked earlier this week, AMD has now officially released its latest mid-range graphics card meant to put a bit more pressure on Nvidia's GTX 1060 during this holiday season, the Radeon RX 590.