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AAEON Unleashes Alchemist-powered graphics behemoth

by on17 April 2024

Chipzilla's Latest Marvel

Embedded chip boffins at AAEON have pulled the wraps off their latest gizmo, the Alchemist-powered Arc A770 "GAR", and a slew of MXM GPU options. With the embedded computing sector ballooning, Chipzilla has been basking in the market's warm embrace as manufacturers flock to their Alchemist GPU offerings within the Arc lineage.

AAEON has now hopped on the bandwagon with its fresh out of the oven releases. Not content with just embedded kit, the firm has barged into the consumer graphics fray with their spanking new GAR-A770 (Intel Arc A770), an SKU that's all about top-drawer performance and nifty cooling chops, adding to Intel's hefty roster of AIB comrades.

Taking the plunge into the GAR-A770, this GPU is forged on Intel's Alchemist ACM-G10 GPU architecture. It's kitted out with 32 Xe cores ray tracing units, a whopping 512 XMX engines, and a beefy 16GB GDDR6 Memory straddling a 256-bit interface. The GAR-A770 is chock-full of developer goodies, including VSR, DirectX 12, Vulkan 1.3, and OpenGL 4.6. For a proper squiz, here's the full monty on the model's features:

1. High-Octane Graphics: 2400MHz turbo frequency, 32 Xe Cores, and 32 Ray Tracing Units.

2. 16GB GDDR6 Memory: 256-bit interface, zipping along at 17.5 Gbps memory speed.

3. Wide-Ranging Compatibility: PCIe 4.0 x16 interface for a good mix of motherboard pairings.

4. Triple Display Support: Juggling display outputs up to 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz.

5. Video Encoding/Decoding: H.264, H.265 (HEVC), AV1, and VP9 hardware backing.

6. Cutting-Edge Tech: Ray tracing, variable rate shading (VSR), and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

7. Intel Deep Link Integration: Reap the benefits of Intel Deep Link for top-notch AI and media handling.

The GAR-A770 seems tailor-made for industrial IoT and AI tasks. Sporting a no-nonsense black look with the firm's stamp on the chassis, it boasts a dual-slot / dual-fan setup. AAEON's keeping mum on the GAR-A770's price tag for now, but we're betting it'll hit the shelves at an easy figure on the wallet, somewhere in the ballpark of €300.

AAEON's lifted the curtain on its Intel-based embedded wizardry, the MXM-ACMA, drawing from the Intel Arc A370M and Intel Arc A350M mobile GPUs. The MXM-ACMA, an MXM 3.1 Type A Module, is a snug fit for single-board adventures, thanks to its 82mm x 70mm dinky dimensions. With Intel's slick Arc A370M and Arc A350M GPUs, the company is angling to cash in on the embedded segment buzz by dishing out a wallet-friendly choice for eager beavers.

The firm's playing coy with the launch dates for their new Intel Arc AI and embedded marvels, but we reckon they'll pop up any minute now, especially since they're already strutting their stuff on the company's web stage.

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