Microsoft wants to power its clouds with Hydrogen
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Lighter than air

Software king of the world Microsoft has produced a hydrogen-based zero-carbon emissions replacement for the diesel-powered generators used for backups in data centres.

Heatwave dissolves British clouds
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Google and Oracle offline 

The UK heatwave had a weird effect on Google and Oracle clouds with both had to take off their cloud services and servers because their cooling systems could not handle the temperature and were at risk of burning out.

UK heatwave takes down clouds
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What do you expect?

Britain, which is famous for its rain, is having a few problems with its clouds as a heatwave grips the country.

Lumen expands its Edge into Europe
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With just five milliseconds of latency

Lumen is expanding its Edge Computing products into Europe and is claiming it can provide the low latency platform businesses need to extend their high-bandwidth, data-intensive applications out to the cloud edge.

NHS puts pathology on the cloud
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We don't need hard copies of your pathologies any more

Two NHS trusts in England will collaborate with Sectra to put digital pathology services onto a cloud