SAP fires top programmers
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Rushing for the cloud

The maker of esoteric management software, which no one is really is sure what it does, has told its top programmers to clear out their desks.  The move is part of a restructuring which will put SAP software on the cloud.

IBM's cryptocurrancy gaining ground
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For banking clients

IBM is taking its banking clients a step closer to cryptocurrency.

Microsoft winning thanks to Amazon fears
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Rivals worry about Amazon support

Software King of the World Microsoft is doing rather well in the cloud wars because some of the bigger retailers are worried about handing over their cash to rival Amazon.

Europeans concerned about US data influence
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More to fear from the Americans than the Chinese

European politicians are concerned that the United States has too much power over European data.

Bitcoin coming back for a second life
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deVere Group sees hope

Bitcoin is finally on the verge of breaking out of the bearish sentiment that has gripped the cryptocurrency market, affirms the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.