Ryff aims to change product placement
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Unreal Engine for render in videos

There is a new company called the Ryff and a few industry veterans dared to change the product placing market introducing a realistic rendering. Instead of remaking the video for every single market or target audience, they decided to use 3D rendering to replace the existing objects in the video.

Oracle's cloud boss "quit" over spat with Ellison
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Storm clouds?

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that Oracle's head of cloud stormed out and resigned after butting heads with CEO  Larry Ellison over cloud policy.

Windows 10 improves disk management
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Storage Sense will send stuff to the cloud

The next incarnation of Windows 10 will be smarter about how it frees up disk space and cleans up temporary files.

Blockchain is not secure enough for voting
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Does not solve anything

The National Academies Press penned a report where it says that Blockchain technology is not strong enough to solve the US voting problem.

Art forgery could be killed off with Blockchain
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Tracking the great masters

Art forgery could become a thing of the past with the clever use of blockchain technology.