Bitcoin will become more volatile
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Blame the government looking into it

The Bitcoin price nears $50,000 and will continue to reach new highs in this first quarter of 2021 – but investors should also expect volatility due to increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Cryptocurrency company wants to form own governments
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Capitalist wet dreams

A cryptocurrency company that owns 67,000 acres in rural northern Nevada wants the state government to grant technology companies power to form local governments on land they own.

IBM creates 1u all-flash storage system
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Can scale to hold 1.7 petabytes of data.

IBM unveiled a 1u all-flash storage system for on-premises IT environments that can scale to hold 1.7 petabytes (PB) of data as part of a cunning plan to make it easier to manage data across a hybrid cloud computing environment.

Google’s cloud lost billions
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We thought it was supposed to be a money spinner

Google's cloud business reported operating loss of $5.61 billion in 2020. It brought in $13.06 billion in revenue for the year.

Ford teams up with Google
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Wants AI and cloud

Ford has said it is writing a cheque for software, artificial intelligence and cloud computing offered by Google to develop new consumer services and modernise internal operations.