90 percent of blockchain projects doomed
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Gartner Group warns

A survey by the analyst outfit Gartner Group shows that 90 percent of blockchain-based supply chain projects are faltering.

Microsoft spruces up AI and blockchain tools
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Making them easier for businesses

Software King of the world Microsoft announced new tools for software makers aimed at making technologies such as AI  and blockchain easier for businesses to use.

Xilinx made $3.06 billion in 2019
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CEO Victor Peng made the difference

Xilinx announced that at the end of its fiscal year 2019 the company reached record revenues of $3.06 billion for the fiscal year 2019, up 24 percent from the previous fiscal year. The three pillar strategy is playing out, with the data center first but it is clear that the company has AI, networking and 5G well embedded in its roadmap.

Yara and IBM try digital farming
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Boost crop yields

Fertiliser maker Yara International and IBM plan to launch digital farming services later this year to help boost crop yields, eventually targeting 100 million hectares, or close to seven per cent of arable land worldwide, they said.

Use spare computer time to help research black holes
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Simulate a black hole in your PC

West Virginia University assistant professor Zachariah Etienne is launching " a volunteer computing effort" analysing gravitational waves from colliding black holes.