AMD launches AMD Instinct MI100 accelerator
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HPC computing on Azure

AMD launched the new AMD Instinct MI100 accelerator with ROCm  4.0 open ecosystem support and has been showing off its list of AMD EPYC  CPU and AMD Instinct accelerator based deployments at this year’s SC20 virtual tradeshow.

Xilinx and Samsung announce Adaptable Computational Storage Drives
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Industry's First

What the smart NIC did for the networking industry might be what SmartSSD powered by Xilinx FPGA might do for the storage industry. The company just announced its fully customizable and scalable SmartSSD computational storage platform. The general idea behind it moves to compute closer to storage for accelerated data processing speed and efficiency.

Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 8.3
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Available soon

Red Hat has announced its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 which will be out soon.

Global 2000 at risk due to rapid cloud deployment
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Too fast too soon

Global 2000 has rushed the movement of legacy applications to the cloud due to COVID-19, and nearly two thirds are ‘at risk’ for unexpected cost/performance issues as a result of having simply “lifted and shifted” applications instead of optimising prior to migrating them.

EU to spend 10 billion euro on cloud
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Skies the limit

The European Union aims to spend up to 10 billion euro ($11.7 billion) over the next seven years to help build up a homegrown cloud computing sector that could rival foreign corporations such as Amazon, Google and Alibaba.