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Nvidia reports revenue of $3.12 billion in Q2 FY19
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Growth across all departments

Nvidia has released its financial report for the second quarter of fiscal 2019, reporting revenues of  $3.12 billion, as well as growth in revenue from every department in the company.

Tesla accused of spying on employees
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And allowing drugs cartels to operate in their plants

An employee fired from Tesla Nevada battery factory filed a whistleblower complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Chinese homegrown browser is a Chrome clone
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Redcore borrows significantly from Google but it is not plagiarism

Redcore, a Chinese start-up that claims to have produced a homegrown browser used by key government bodies and state-run companies, has come under fire after users discovered its software was heavily based on Google's Chrome.

ARM aims to put fear of god into Intel
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Claims it's ahead of the curve with 7 and 5nm

CPU design firm ARM has shown off its roadmap for the next two years with the hope that it will inspire terror inside Intel and attract renewed interest from laptop vendors.

Chip sales to fall in 2018
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But that doesn't mean to say they won't grow

While sales of semiconductors won't be quite as buoyant as they were in 2017, the market will still grow by 15.7 percent.