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Vole faces UK antitrust investigation over inflection AI deal
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UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) not impressed

In March, Microsoft struck a $650 million deal with Inflection AI to "license and use its AI models." However, this move—commonly seen as investing in an AI company and then poaching its top talent—is now causing ripples.

Apple, Nvidia, and Anthropic stole YouTube videos to train AI
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Content creators are now claiming that their videos were used without their knowledge to train artificial intelligence (AI) systems by tech giants such as Apple, Nvidia, and Anthropic.

Google offered half a billion dollars to stop Microsoft EU deal
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Microsoft paid £22 million to get its deal.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Google attempted to disrupt a Microsoft antitrust settlement related to anti-competitive software licensing within the European Union.

More than 6.8 per cent of internet traffic is malicious
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Latest Cloudflare State of Application Security Report

The latest Cloudflare State of Application Security Report reports that 6.8 per cent of internet traffic is malicious, up by one percentage point from last year.

Snapdragon X CPUs might not have lived up to the hype
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Reviews and take-up mixed

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X CPUs and the first "AI PC" laptops generated significant hype a few weeks ago, but adoption and reviews have been mixed.