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Microsoft wants to buy TikTok's US operations
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Post haste

Microsoft wants to boy  the short-video app TikTok, a potential blockbuster deal that could re-shape the social media industry and further inflame crumbling US-China relations.

Microsoft consigns Cortana to scrap yard
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Standalone mobile apps shut down

Software King of the World Microsoft is planning to shut down its standalone Cortana mobile apps as it refocuses on business users.

Steve Jobs blocked Amazon Kindle purchases
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Antitrust inquiry into Apple's antics

According to a collection of internal emails recently released by lawmakers, as part of the House Judiciary Committee's antirust probe into Apple, a series of Amazon advertisements prompted Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller to block in-app purchases of Kindle books on iOS.

Daft Musk schooled by Egyptians
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Why Musk keeps tweeting stupid things is one of the world's mysteries

Tesla boss Elon Musk has attracted a lot of hate from Egyptian students after he published a bizarre tweet claiming that the Great Pyramid was 'obviously' built by aliens.

ARM China conflict escalates
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Chinese government might need to become involved

ARM's conflict with its Chinese subsidiuary is getting out of hand, and might require intervention from the Chinese government.