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Nvidia bringing Geforce GTX 1630 on May 31st
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512 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory

According to a new report, Nvidia will be launching its newest Geforce GTX 1630 graphics card on May 31st.

Microsoft Altra-based Azure servers are Arm ready
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First cloud provider to manage it

Microsoft Ampere Altra-based Azure servers are now Arm SystemReady SR certified making them the first cloud solution provider (CSP) server to do so.

Google goes bankrupt
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At least in Russia

Google is going to file for bankruptcy in Russia, although to be fair was only after Tsar Putin seized the company’s bank account and did a “special operation” on its funds.

Cisco slashes earnings forecast
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Blames Covid and Putin

Cisco cut its full-year earnings forecast on Wednesday after COVID lockdowns in China and the war in Ukraine dragged sales below estimates in the third quarter, sending shares down 13 per cent in extended trading.

Apple in a panic after key staffers revolt
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We don’t want to come back to the flying saucer

Yesterday we reported out Apple backpedalled over its insistence that its staff return to the flying saucer and stop working from home.