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SAP to lose 9-10,000 jobs by 2025
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Most voluntary

The maker of expensive esoteric management software, which no one is quite sure what it does, SAP, has announced a restructuring programme which will impact between 9,000 and 10,000 SAPS by early 2025.

Buffet was right
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25 July 2024

Buffet was right

Cyber security insurance is a mugs’ game

Earlier this year Warren Buffett, who has his paws in a lot of insurance companies, warned them that it would be unwise to provide cyber security insurance policies because these would always run at a loss.

SK Hynix reports highest second-quarter profit in six years
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Wall Street not impressed

SK Hynix announced that its second-quarter profit has reached its highest level in six years as it maintains its leadership in advanced memory chips critical for artificial intelligence computing.

Samsung ‘s HBM3 memory approved by Nvidia
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Could be seen in H20 chips bound for China

For the first time, Nvidia has approved Samsung Electronics' fourth-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM3) chips for use in its processors.

Zuckerberg: Open Source AI would be better for the US
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The Chinese are only going to steal it anyway

Facebook Cyber Leader, Mark Zuckerberg claims that it is far better for the US if AI was open sauce.