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ASRock shows its custom RX 5700 Challenger graphics cards
Published in Graphics

No word on the availability date

Although we have seen some upcoming custom versions of the AMD Radeon RX 5700 graphics series, ASRock is one of the first AIB partners to officially announce their RX 5700 Challenger series.

Nvidia shows Control in full RTX glory
Published in Gaming

New trailer ahead of the launch on August 27th

Nvidia has released a new trailer Remedy Entertainment's upcoming Control game, which shows all RTX effects in full glory.

Intel cannot catch up with AMD until 2021
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Took too long to get to 10nm

Chipzilla has admitted that it will not catch up with AMD on its 7nm chips until 2021.

Hongmeng OS isn’t an Android replacement
Published in Mobiles

Huawei still needs Android

Huawei is downplaying the idea that its Hongmeng operating system could serve as a drop-in replacement for Google’s Android on its smartphones.

FaceApp is a gift for scammers
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The latest hype around the FaceApp application has attracted scammers who want to make some quick profits, ESET research has shown.