James Dean makes another movie
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...and it is not a Zombie flick

Two VFX companies are bringing James Dean back to the big screen to star in the Vietnam era action-drama Finding, Jack.

Nvidia releases Jetson Xavier NX
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Claims it is the "smallest, most powerful AI supercomputer for robotic and embedded computing devices at the edge"

Nvidia has released a new compact chip which it claims is ideal for robots and edge computing.

SK Telecom adopts Xilinx Alveo cards
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Datacenter Accelerator against theft

Xilinx and SK Telecom announced that SK Telecom had adopted Xilinx Alveo Datacenter Accelerator cards. The cards have an important job to power a real-time AI-based physical intrusion and theft detection service.

US could be eclipsed by Chinese on AI
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Google former boss warns

The US is falling behind China in the race to understand AI according to a government commissioned panel led by Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt.

AI to create a "robolution". Ugh
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Opinion: If you want a robolution, coin another neologism

Talking about AI and “robolution”, yeah really, a French MP delivered a speech at Huawei's Paris gig today which will compel your or repel you, according to your inclination and degree of latitude