Aussies decide that AI can invent stuff
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Welcome to the era of the AI patent troll

An Australian Court has decided that artificial intelligence can patent inventions.

Xilinx announces Versal AI Edge ACAP
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Smart vision, medical, automotive beats Nvidia

Xilinx is enjoying the multiple line of Versal ACAP adaptive compute acceleration platform roll out and adding an adaptive edge product certainly enlarges the leadership portfolio and adds some trouble for the competition, including Nvidia.

How to really mess with an AI’s brains
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Embed the malware into the artificial neurons

According to a new study, malware can be embedded directly into the artificial neurons that make up machine learning models in a way that keeps them from being detected.

Schmidt shocked at China's AI power
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We need to call in our Asian friends to help out 

China's capabilities in artificial intelligence are "much closer than I thought" to catching up to the US, former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told Nikkei Asia.

New York Times wades into Watson
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Apparently, it is not Applish enough

The New York Times, which long ago sacrificed its technology journalistic credibility to hawk Apple products, has waded into the IBM supercomputer Watson.