Deep learning has deep problems
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Can’t multi-task

Deep learning has some major issues which will eventually lead it to become a dead end.

Facebook gives up on VR and AR OS
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Will lean on Google 

Facebook parent company Meta has stopped development of a new software operating system to power its virtual reality devices and upcoming augmented reality glasses.

Qualcomm teams up with Microsoft on AR specs
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Showing off at CES

Qualcomm is working with Microsoft on custom chips that would control lightweight augmented reality glasses for use by both consumers and businesses for metaverse apps.

China turns to AI robocops
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What could go wrong

Chinese boffins have created an AI that can reportedly identify crimes and file charges against criminals.

Alexa why am I so bored with you?
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Most users only want a brief encounter

Amazon’s AI Alexa seems doomed to never have a proper relationship.