No chance of super intelligent AI in the next year
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Microsoft says the technology is decades away.

Software King of the World Microsoft has said people should not be worried about super intelligent AI because it could be decades away from appearing.

DeepMind tortured ChatGPT to reveal sources
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We ask the questions

A team of boffins from Google's DeepMind used a torture method on ChatGPT until it revealed the snippets of the data it was trained on.

Amazon is building its own AI chips
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Open relationship with Nvidia

Amazon's cloud-computing unit announced updated versions of its in-house computer chips while forging closer ties with Nvidia.

AI is creating, not destroying jobs
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But could cause wages to fall

The rapid adoption of AI could reduce wages, but so far is creating, not destroying, jobs, especially for the young and highly skilled, research published by the European Central Bank showed on Tuesday.

Nvidia is starting to move away from graphics
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We told you so

A while back, we warned readers that Nvidia had decided that the graphics card industry was not worth bothering with and was moving to AI chips instead.