IBM touts its cancer success
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Winning battles not the war

The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, has hit back on claims that IBM tech was not as successful at fighting cancer as it would like.

China wants to share AI information
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Wants some global rules

China’s vice premier, Liu He has called for international cooperation on the development of AI.

AI could really damage the developing world.
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AI prevents evolution

An author of a book on AI has warned that it could break the established methods of a country evolving from a developing nation to one which is more developed.

Nvidia wants to fix abnormal brain images
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Just hope the drivers work

Nvidia is working on a fix for one of the major problems of using AI for brain scans.

AI may face public backlash
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British Science Association predicts a few luddite mobs

The United Kingdom might drift back to the days of the Luddite riots as the public gets really hacked off with AI, warned the British Science Association