AI contact lens being developed
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For those who want better things from their reality

Startup Mojo Vision has been developing an AR contact lens which really means people will have difficulty telling what is real or not.

Now is the winter of AI's discontent
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Colder nights draw in for the new tech

While AI has been big news for the last decade, researchers in the field warn that the industry is about to enter a new and much quieter phase.

Xiaomi to invest billions in Ai
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Beating competition

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi his hoping to see off still competition in the mobile phone industry by investing $7.18 billion in artificial intelligence and fifth-generation internet technologies over the next five years.

AI less likely to boob in breast exams
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Could reduce errors

A Google AI system proved as good as expert radiologists at detecting which women had breast cancer based on screening mammograms and showed promise at reducing errors, researchers in the United States and Britain reported.

GTI and Sensory accelerate biometrics by 4X
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Enhanced AI Biometric Access on Edge Devices

Gyrfalcon Technology inc, GTI announced a partnership with AI solution provider Sensory to deliver low latency, high reliability embedded, machine learning capabilities on edge devices.