Robots go to work in Italian hospitals
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They can't get sick

The crisis in the Italian health service is proving a good testing ground for robotic medical staff.

AI can't manage some things
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Still a role for humans

It appears that AI is as accurate as a tarot reader when it comes to predicting some subjects. 

Xilinx Donates $1.1 Million to COVID-19 Relief
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Healthcare clients prioritized

Xilinx is a company that is working hard in data centers around the world to support your home office, 5G networks, data centers, and even codecs in many streaming services many heavily use these days.

UK workers think that tech will change their work
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More than 90 per cent think digital transformation will effect them

Most working professionals in the UK think their lives are going to be changed by digital transformation.

Intel to release neuromorphic computing system
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Chips that mimic the brain and kill off GPU based AI

Intel is releasing an experimental research system for neuromorphic computing, a cutting-edge method that simulates the way human brains work to perform computations faster, using significantly less energy.