Xilinx acquired DeePhi Tech for AI and ML
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Accelerate data center and intelligent edge

Xilinx is getting big on intelligence and adaptive computing and the company just announced that it acquired DeePhi Technology Co., Ltd (DeePhi Tech) company specializes in machine learning, deep compression pruning, and system-level optimization for neural networks. Let’s just sum this up and say that it is good at AI and ML.

It is easier to turn humans into robots
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..than develop AI

Some startups have worked out it is cheaper and easier to turn humans into robots than develop expensive AI systems.

Google's controversial human sounding AI is being tested for call centres
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AI Duplex might have a job

Google's controversial AI Duplex, which it first demonstrated to the public at its developer conference in May is being tested for use in call centres.

AI beats Chinese doctors in a spot-the-tumour competition
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Spot-the-tumour games are apparently popular in China 

An artificial intelligence system called BioMind has managed to defeat a team comprised of 15 of China's top doctors by a margin of two to one.

London coppers ready to intro inaccurate facial recognition system
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What could possibly go wrong?

Millions of people face the prospect of being scanned by police facial recognition technology that has sparked human rights concerns and has been found to be "staggeringly inaccurate".