Italy bans US AI chatbot friend from stealing data
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Risks to minors and emotionally fragile people

Italy's Data Protection Agency has blocked artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot company Replika from using the personal data of Italian users, citing risks to minors and emotionally fragile people.

Google promises its AI will be released to trusted users soon
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Bard should be ready for public release in a few weeks 

Google's parent firm Alphabet announced the release of its Bard conversational AI service, which it said will be rolled out to "trusted users" before its public release in the coming weeks.

Google rushes out AI search features this week
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Re-assure investors it has not dropped the ball

Search engine outfit Google is rushing out AI-powered products and features in a live event next week in a move aimed at showing investors that it has not handed the market to Microsoft.

Google could be toast in two years due to AI
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Gmail creator warns that AI will eliminate the search engine result page

The creator of Gmail has warned that Google could be gutted by AI as tools like ChatGPT eliminate the need for a search engine result page.

Baidu creates own AI chatbot
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Ernie outperforms Bert in China

Baidu is set to roll out its own AI chatbot in March. It will also be embedded into Baidu's main search services, meaning users could soon get conversation-style search results.