Google translation tools are creating a legal mess
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We did warn you

Translation tools from Google and other companies could be contributing to significant misunderstanding of legal terms according to research due to be presented at an academic workshop.

Koreans must work alongside robots
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AI and automation will change the country

According to  South Korea's labour minister, humans are going to have to work alongside machines if they want to thrive in a post-pandemic world where many jobs will be handled by artificial intelligence and robots.

EU to ban AI for mass surveillance or for ranking social behaviour
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Thanks to Brexit, UK can still do it

The European Union is poised to ban governments and companies from using ban AI for mass surveillance or for ranking social behaviour.

Microsoft needs extra intelligence
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Writing a $16 billion cheque for Nuance Communications  

Microsoft is close to buying artificial intelligence and speech technology company Nuance Communications for $16 billion.

Another Google AI boffin quits  
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Artificially the most intelligent thing to do 

Google research manager Samy Bengio has quit the search engine outfit over the firings of his colleagues who questioned paper review and diversity practices.