Nintendo HQ catches fire
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Charging electronic devices at work 

Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto, Japan caught fire after an employee choose to charge a device at work during a heatwave. 

Stores will sell PS5 only to PS4 owners
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Stops touts 

With the PS5 as rare as hens' teeth, a Japanese chain store has taken to only selling the console to those who can prove they own a PS4.

Microsoft wades into Sony in anti-trust claim
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Handbags at dawn

Software King of the World Microsoft has gone onto the attack over Sony’s objections to its buy out of Activision Blizzard.

Did Microsoft just say that Activision Blizzard was unoriginal?
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Nothing to see here move on please 

Software King of the World Microsoft has just told anti-trust regulators that its $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not important because the outfit does not release "unique" or "must have" games.

Windows 11 losing gamers
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At least on Steam 

The latest Steam Hardware and Software Survey results show that  Windows 11 experienced a 0.11 per cent decline in its Steam market share, going from 21.23 to 21.12 per cent.