Nvidia announces new Fulfill Your Destiny game bundle
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Bundles Black Myth: Wukong with RTX 40 series graphics cards

Nvidia has announced its latest game bundle, pairing up Black Myth: Wukong game with some of its RTX 40 series graphics cards.

Console sales fall in the US
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40 per cent fall in May

Hardware spending on consoles in the US declined by 40 per cent in May compared to the previous year, according to beancounters at Circana.

Italians release a game which took 22 years to make
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Available now for the Game Boy Advance

An Italian team of developers has released a game after 22 years in development, breaking records for slowness set by Duke Nukem Forever.

Nintendo rejects generative AI
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No robotic plumbers

Unlike competitors like Xbox, who embrace artificial intelligence to help write in-game quests and dialogue in future games, Nintendo has no plans to use generative AI tech in its first-party titles.

Ubisoft to resurrect old Assassin's Creed games
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Ubisoft is set to breathe new life into its older Assassin's Creed games.