Nintendo sues makers of Switch emulator
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They're "helping piracy on a massive scale"

Former maker of playing cards, Nintendo has launched a 41-page legal attack on the makers of Yuzu, a dodgy Nintendo Switch emulator, accusing them of helping piracy on a massive scale.

XBOX boss: we're not ditching disks yet
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Even if fans are not interested

The gaming chief says Xbox will keep supporting old-fashioned disks but admits that console fans are losing interest.

New Starfield patch adds support for AMD FSR 3.0 and Intel XeSS
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Fixes some minor issues as well

Bethesda has released the new Starfield 1.9.67 update that adds official support for AMD FSR 3.0 and Intel XeSS, as well as some stability improvements to the game.

Nintendo's new Switch delayed
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But at least not half-baked

Word on the street is Nintendo's next console might be fashionably late to the party, with whispers suggesting its Switch 2 won't grace our living rooms until early 2025.

Sony admits PS5 is past its prime
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Headed for the old folks home

Sony has yet to reach its sales target for the PS5 and says it will focus on making more money from the console as it nears its fourth birthday.