Intel shows off new AI chip for servers
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Computex 2024: Expects to match Nvidia and AMD

US chipmaker Intel announced new artificial intelligence chips for data centres as it seeks to challenge rivals Nvidia and AMD.

MSI releases three new server platforms
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Intel inside 

MSI lifted the kimono on its latest Intel Xeon 6 processor-based server platforms at Computex 2024 in Taipei, yesterday.

Quantum internet tech could be hugely disruptive
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GlobalData predicts unparalleled security and performance levels

The emergence of the quantum internet, which uses quantum mechanical principles and qubits rather than traditional binary bits, is set to revolutionise global connectivity with unparalleled security and performance levels.

Qualcomm's sticking AI on the Edge
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Popping up on the fifth-gen mobile networks

Qualcomm's splashing some cash on artificial intelligence (AI), top-notch antenna tech for sub-6GHz, and 5G-fuelled edge computing.

Telefonica Germany moves 5G customers to AWS
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A bit of network lebensraum

Telefonica Germany is set to shift a million of its 5G customers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud later this month, the company chiefs have told Reuters. The American online shop is making a gutsy play to muscle into the global telecoms scene.