Chenbro rolls out 1U dual-socket Xeon 4-bay HPC barebone server
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The Chenbro RB13804 1U rack

Chenbro, a Taiwanese company that has been a key player in the rackmount server market, has announced its new 1U dual-socket Xeon 4-bay HPC barebones server based on Intel's C624 platform.

Interest in unified communications as a service spiked during COVID-19
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Companies suddenly wanted it

Beancounters at Avant Analytics have noted a sudden surge in interest in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) products as a direct result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

US and UK working together on “trusted 5G solutions”
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That appears to mean that no one has any yet after getting rid of Huawei

After the UK decided to surrender to US demands that it no longer use 5G, it appears that it has left both of them without a 5G system which meet their standards and both of them are now back at square one.

24.2 Nanosecond Electronic Trading World Record
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Xilinx and LDA Technologies

Time is money, and the recent record set by Xilinx and LDA Technologies in Electronic Trading is a world record

5G helping fight coronavirus
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Apparently it was not the cause after all

While very stupid people in the UK and US think 5G is responsible for the coronavirus, the technology could be the key to actually fighting it.