Ericsson flung out of China
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Middle Kingdom retaliation

Sweden's Ericsson said it will reduce its operations in China after suffering a big sales drop in one of its biggest markets due to retaliation for Sweden's ban on Huawei from selling 5G gear in the country.

Moon will get its own internet
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Expect more lunatics online

Before humanity gets its act together and goes to the Moon in 2024, NASA will have built an internet system to ensure astronauts have a good connection.

US telcos telling porkies about 5G coverage
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Less available than COVID-19,  report claims

US mobile phone companies have taken to making up figures about their 5G coverage according to new data released by OpenSignal.

BT and Tosh build quantum-secured metro fibre optic network
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Beware the potentially dead or alive quantum kitty

UK ISP BT and partner Toshiba have today announced that they intend to build the “world’s first” quantum-secured metro fibre optic network between commercial sites in London.

Russia arrests top Russian cybersecurity company boss
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Charges him with treason

Russia has arrested Ilya Sachkov, the chief executive of top Russian cybersecurity company Group IB, on suspicion of state treason and will hold him in custody for two months.