Norway choses Sweden over Huawei
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Even after a decade's 4G collaboration, Chinese not secure enough for Vikings

Telenor has picked Sweden’s Ericsson as the key technology provider for its fifth-generation (5G) telecoms network in Norway replacing China’s Huawei after a decade of collaboration over 4G.

5G radiation fears debunked
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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is rubbish too

While Facebook is full of Russian troll farm created mems claiming that 5G radiation is deadly and is responsible for birds dropping out the skies, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has reiterated that there is no evidence that indicates 5G is harmful to people's health.

Indian government might have accidently killed its sickly telco industry
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Court victory reveals the network under stress

The Indian Government’s court victory over spectrum usage and licence fees might have backfired.

Intel returns to 5G with MediaTek
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Can't do it without you

After walking away from 5G in April, Chipzilla has announced that it wants back in.

France's 5G spectrum will be cheap as chips
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A snip at 2.17 billion euros

Frances’s 5G spectrum will be sold at a base price of 2.17 billion euros ($2.4 billion), a minister said, which means that telcos will not have to spend so much to get up and running.