TP-Link launches 6E routers
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Mesh and meshless

TP-Link announced it will launch two 6E mesh systems and two 6E standalone routers.

FCC nets $66.4 billion in 5G sale
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Hurry up guys there is a lot of corona virus to spread

The Federal Communications Commission's ongoing sale of wireless licences has fetched more than $66.4 billion after three weeks of bidding, a record sum that could alter mobile carriers' prospects for the next decade.

We are closer to a quantum internet
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It is potentially dead and alive

Boffins have emerged from their labs smeared with the bodies of dead cats, to announce that they have successfully teleported qubits of photons across approximately 27 miles of fibre-optic cable.

Norse banks wrestle with spaghetti
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Worse than Grendel’s mother

While banks in the Nordic region are ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies, some large banks there are running legacy “spaghetti” IT systems after acquiring competitors.

5G mobile subscriptions will be 220 million by end of the year
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Faster than expected uptake in China 

Sweden’s Ericsson raised its global forecast for 5G mobile subscriptions to 220 million by the end of this year, citing faster than expected uptake in China.