5G is arriving half-baked on security
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They are the telecom equivalent of Steve Irwin to a Stingray

While high-speed 5G mobile data networks have already started rolling out in some cities, insecurity experts are concerned that the standard might not be up-to-snuff on security.

Xilinx finalized the acquisition of Solarflare
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SmartNIC intelligent NIC

The 'datacenter first' strategy at Xilinx required certain laser-sharp acquisitions. After the Deephi acquisition focused on the AI and ML, the company just closed another key strategy acquisition of a smart NIC company by the name of Solarflare.

UK has too many VoIP Providers
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Choice is not always a good thing warns Amvia

The rapid increase in the number of VoIP providers in the UK has given businesses around the country a wealth of extra choice – but this isn’t necessarily a good thing says one outfit.

Ericsson on track for 5G
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Gear is selling well

Mobile network gear maker Ericsson said it was on track to meet its financial goals due to strong sales of 5G equipment.

US’s Huawei ban is not working
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Most of the world is ignoring him

The days when the US told allies what to do, and they obeyed appears to be over. Donald [Prince of Orange] Trump’s order that western allies dump Huawei or face the consequences is being ignored.