Euro governments want Big Tech to pay for internet improvements
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This will go down well 

After failing to get Big Tech to pay any significant amounts of tax, the government's of France, Italy and Spain are stepping up pressure on the European Commission to come up with legislation that ensures Big Tech firms partly finance telecoms infrastructure.

European telcos claim they are too broke to build Internet
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Want EU to give them more cash end net neutrality 

Europe's telcos claim that they are so broke that they can't afford to provide internet to millions of users and are demanding that the EU give them more cash and end net netruality which stands in the way of executive's getting huge bonuses them making a living.

Florida bloke flogged a $1 billion worth of fake Cisco gear
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Cisco kidding 

A man has been charged with selling $1 billion worth of fake Cisco networking equipment, which he illegally imported from China.

Chinese outfit claims to have put the first Wi-Fi 7 router in the shops
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Although the standard is not final

Chinese networking equipment vendor H3C has released what it says is the first Wi-Fi 7 router on the market, even if the standard is not expected to be finalised until 2024.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee skeptical about blockchain-based net
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Solid is better

Sir Tim Berners-Lee "is skeptical about a blockchain-based internet" and the decentralised architecture that gives users control of their data called Solid is much better.