AMD graphics driver update coming within next two weeks
Published in Graphics

For Radeon 6000 series and older cards

AMD has finally confirmed that its next driver update that will support Radeon 6000 series and older graphics cards will be coming within two weeks.

Nvidia fixes Discord throttling
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Done over the air, you will not feel a thing 

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengence daemon Nvidia has fixed a problem with Discord software which throttled memory clocks.

Puget dumps Samsung's 990 Pro solid-state drives
Published in PC Hardware

Reliability questionable

Puget Systems has stopped offering Samsung's 990 Pro solid-state drives in new builds following numerous reports of health degradation issues.

POCO X5 Pro 5G fixes OLED problem
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It does not wreck your eyes

POCO’s Pro 5G fixes a problem with OLED which no-one in the industry seems to want to talk about – it screws up your eyesight.

Nintendo wins battles against US parents
Published in Gaming

Joy-Con drift case resolved by pesky EULA

Nintendo has won a class action bought against it by some parents who were upset about the "Joy-Con drift."

Microsoft arms for a fight with UK regulator
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Expecting opposition

Software King of the World Microsoft is getting ready for a fight with the UK's competition regulator over its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

Google rushes out AI search features this week
Published in AI

Re-assure investors it has not dropped the ball

Search engine outfit Google is rushing out AI-powered products and features in a live event next week in a move aimed at showing investors that it has not handed the market to Microsoft.

Servers down in Nato countries
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No one Russian to identify the perpetrators

The weekend saw two massive internet outages – one was a global hack of VM servers, and the other was a problem with an Italian telco which shut down most of the country.

Generation Z not equipped with enough technical skills
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Dell warns of huge staff shortage coming 

More than a third (37%) of Gen Zers feel their school education didn't prepare them with the digital skills they need to propel their career, according to Dell Technologies' international survey.

Smartphone sales disaster
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Qualcomm warns 

Sales of smartphones are going to be dire for a couple of years according to chipmaker Qualcomm -- which has made a bob or two on the tech over the years.