AI can’t patent inventions in the UK
Published in AI

So they can't be trolls either

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that AI cannot invent new patents under British law.

Intel releases Beast Canyon
Published in PC Hardware

Rather good but very pricey

Intel's NUC 11 Extreme mini PC, otherwise known as Beast Canyon, has launched to retail, at a price much higher than Chipzilla promised.

Seagate releases on 2nd generation HAMR drives
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Its HAMR time

Seagate said that it is already working on 2nd generation HAMR drives with 30TB capacity.

US spooks install adblockers
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Security risk

While Big Tech rails against ad blockers as a way of undermining Internet business models, US spooks and law enforcement have quietly installed ad blockers to prevent an obvious security threat.

New iPhones and iPad break Apple Music
Published in Mobiles

New software feature

The software geniuses who bought you a watch app which could not handle summer time, have now said that a device restore will tigger its premium music product software.

Kids can't understand how computers work any more
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No idea about directories, folders, or files

Having moved from generations who were frightened to touch computers because they were frightened something would go wrong, The Verge reports that professors are increasingly seeing the rise of a generation that can’t understand even the basic fundamentals of how computers and operating systems work.

Microchip with wings is the smallest flying structure
Published in Transportation

Small as a sand grain

A winged microchip, the size of a sand grain, is being billed as the smallest ever human made flying structure.

Russian aristocrat PR plays Ryff advertising music
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AMD. Intel. Now Taylor

A former senior PR executive at Intel and AMD has now a senior vice president role at Ryff - a startup making waves in Silicon Valley and now with what appears to have an office in The Smoke (London).

Microsoft shows its new Surface 2021 lineup
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Surface Laptop Studio and new Surface 8 Pro

Preparing for the upcoming Windows 11 launch, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface lineup with new models, including the all-new Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8, as well as minor tweaks for some other models, like the Surface Pro X and the Surface Go 3.

Old Microsoft man believes in toilets, toilets and toilets
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Ballmer's latest obsession

The shy and retired former Microsoft boss Steve “there’s a kind of hush” Ballmer has a new obsession – toilets.