AMD about to launch latest mobile processors
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Radeon 890M GPU could be a serious step up

AMD's latest mobile processors are nearly ready to ship and word on the street is that they will bring some serious performance gains – particularly for gamers.

Intel 3nm production going hell for leather
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Leixlip flat out

Intel has announced that its 3nm technology is now being produced in large volumes at its Leixlip facility. There, it manufactures Xeon 6 processors and provides foundry wafers to its clients.

TDK claims a battery breakthrough
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We have not had one of those for a couple of weeks

TDK claims that it has creating a material which will revolutionise battery technology with a "significantly higher energy density" than current models.

Imperial College might have come up with GPS replacement
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Quantum compass going underground

Boffins at Imperial College London are testing a Quantum compass which they hope will replace GPS.

Apple gives up on coming premium Vision headset
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Vision Pro was an expensive disaster

The fruity cargo cult Apple has told at least one of its suppliers that it has ceased development on its forthcoming premium Vision headset.

AMD investigates Intelbroker hack
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Despite the name it is nothing to do with Chipzilla

AMD announced that it is investigating allegations that its data was pilfered in a cyberattack by a group known as "Intelbroker".

Nvidia is the world's most valuable public company
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Jumps over Microsoft

Nvidia has not just surpassed, but leapfrogged over tech giants Microsoft and Apple, emerging as the most valuable publicly listed company globally. This feat is a result of months of explosive share price growth, fuelled by the high demand for its chips and the investor frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence.

Chipzilla denies it has a cure for 13th and 14th Gen desktop CPU instability
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Still looking

Intel has denied rumours that it has sorted out why some of their 13th and 14th Gen desktop CPUs are unstable, and it is still looking for the main problem.

Regulators force Meta to stop data scraping
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Get your AI information from somewhere else

In the UK and EU, authorities have made Meta stop its plans to use people's data to train AI.

Copilot is helping people to quit worrying and love AI
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Dr Strangelove

Software King of the World Microsoft’s copilot is helping people get used to working with AI, according to new research.