Samsung unveils the new Exynos 2200 SoC with Xclipse RDNA2 GPU
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Standard CPU configuration

After a lot of hassle, Samsung has now officially unveiled more information about its upcoming flagship Exynos 2200 SoC, showing off some of the details regarding the CPU, NPU, and the RDNA2-based Xclipse GPU.

Intel’s Raptor Lake might get a larger cache
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Up to 68MB

Intel Raptor Lake processors may be getting a much larger cache according to a new company leak.

Activision Blizzard purging employees over harassment and misconduct
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37 fired and 44 have been disciplined

Since July Activision Blizzard has fired 37 employees and disciplined another 44 as the games maker tries to address accusations of harassment and misconduct.

Airline companies warn 5G will create “catastrophic" aviation crisis
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But at least the US telcos will make money

The chief executives of major US passenger and cargo carriers on Monday warned of an impending "catastrophic" aviation crisis in less than 36 hours, when AT&T and Verizon turn on their new 5G service.

Apple mixed-reality headset looks to be an expensive turkey
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You probably were not expecting this

Apple's long-rumoured mixed-reality headset could cost consumers over $2,000 when it eventually ships in 2023.

Apple permitted publication of Safari data for months
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Could not be bothered fixing the problem

Fruity cargo cult Apple sat on a serious Safari bug which disclosed user data for months and still cannot be bothered fixing it.

Linux malware rises
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18 January 2022

Linux malware rises

Up 35 per cent last year

The number of malware infections targeting Linux devices rose by 35 per cent in 2021, and it looks lie the writers want to recruit IoT devices for DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

Boffins create key tech for quantum batteries
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Potentially live and flat at the same time

A team of boffins have demonstrated the quantum mechanical principle of super-absorption that underpins quantum batteries in a proof-of-concept device.

MADFINGER Games announces new FPS game
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Exclusive for the PC and based on Unreal Engine 5

MADFINGER Games has announced its newest FPS game that will be available exclusively for the PC and based on Unreal Engine 5.

FedEx wants lasers on its cargo planes
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What could go wrong

FedEx has applied to the FAA seeking approval to install a laser-based, anti-missile defense system on its cargo planes as an added safety measure.