Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 officially coming on October 25th
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With 5G support and 10GB of RAM

Xioami has now released an official teaser that shows that the Mi Mix 3 will be coming on October 25th, with all the bells and whistles, including the sliding camera mechanism, 5G support, 10GB of RAM, dedicated Xiao AI button, and an all new face unlock feature.

TSMC sees profits fall
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18 October 2018

TSMC sees profits fall

As an expected trade war looms

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has reported a 0.9 percent fall in third quarter net profits.

Largest Apple collection up for sale
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Or it might be destroyed

An Austrian computer repairman who collected the world’s biggest collection of old Apple computers has warned it will all be destroyed unless someone takes it off his hands.

TechPowerUp solves the problem of Nvidia cheats
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Your high-end card might be worse than you think

TechPowerUp (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/has) worked out a way to spot cheap Nvidia cards which have been dressed up to look more powerful.

A simple Windows hack is unfixed a year later
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All a hacker could want

A simple Windows security hack which was discovered a year ago is still unpatched.

Essential says a third of its staff not essential
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Andy Rubin’s post-Android dream appears to be a nightmare

A start-up founded by the creator of Android has laid off about a third of its staff.

Cloud depends on magnetic tape
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The more things change, the more they stay the same

New cloud technology is still largely dependant on century old magnetic tape, and unfortunately, there are not the makers around that there used to be.

AMD pushes server upgrades
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Targeting owners of ancient kit

AMD is leaning on its channel to support its push in the server market as the firm looks to challenge for market share and rattle Intel's cage.

Huawei's artificial intelligence is universal
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The firm makes a lot more than just mobile phones

At yesterday's Mate20 jamboree, Fudzilla had a chance to interview a senior executive about the artificial intelligence built into its mobile devices and it transpired there's a lot more to its AI than meets the eye.

ARM has a new infrastructure roadmap
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Neoverse 7nm, 7+ and 5nm by 2021

Drew Henry, an SVP and the general manager of the infrastructure line of business at ARM, went on stage at the San Jose ARM Tech 2018 conference and revealed a new roadmap featuring new codenames and plans all the way to 5nm Poseidon core in 2021. It will be branded as Neoverse.