US Democrats to push for net neutrality
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Watching the Pai

US democrats are expected to use their new control over the House of Representatives to force the FCC to start doing its job again.

Electric planes are ready to fly
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Not just a pie in the sky

Electric planes that can go 621 miles on one charge and replace many of the turboprops and light jets in use are being built now.

How Apple controls what employees say
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Not allowed to use the words crash, hang, bug, or problem

Underpaid, over-hyped Apple employees are forbidden from using certain words when talking to customers who might indicate that the product is not up to snuff.

MediaTek shows off Helio M70
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5G integrated baseband

MediaTek showcased its first 5G baseband chipset Helio M70 at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference in Guangzhou.

NHS told to ditch fax
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10 December 2018

NHS told to ditch fax

For god’s sake, this is the 21st century

The UK’s NHS has been told to pull its finger out and get rid of the fax machine system and replace it with something a little more modern.

Canadians demand Huawei CFO is jailed
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She wants bail on health grounds

Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou argued that she should be released on bail while awaiting an extradition hearing, citing her longstanding ties to Canada, properties she owns in Vancouver and fears for her health while in jail.

Amazon faces antitrust complaint in Austria
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No Lebensraum to move

Austrian retailers have filed a complaint against Amazon with their national competition authority.

Trump meets big tech again
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We want to keep American tech dominance

The Trump administration met with top tech executives to discuss ways to “ensure American dominance” of innovation and the future of high tech jobs.

Intel might have 7nm quicker than expected
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10nm will be Chipzilla's bridging tech

Chipzilla’s much delayed and underused 10nm process might end up being a holding technology for a more successful 7nm process which will arrive quicker than expected.

China demands release of Huawei executive
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This is getting serious

China has formally demanded the release of a senior executive at tech giant Huawei Technologies after she was detained in Canada on extradition charges to the US.