Unforgeable driver’s licenses easy to clone
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Unforgeable in the same way that the Titanic was unsinkable 

In 2019 the government of New South Wales in Australia which has pushed its new digital driver's licenses as unforgeable has discovered that they are as easy to forge as a five-year old’s drawing of a square.

Boffins use teleportation to build quantum network
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No word on Tom Riker 

Boffins at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have made the first steps towards a quantum internet by using quantum teleportation to send data across three physical locations.

Dorsey exits Twitter
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Only interested in Block now

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from Twitter's board of directors.

Nvidia brings support for Nvidia DLSS to 12 more games
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Hitman 3, F1 22, and more

Nvidia has been pushing hard to bring support for both DLSS and ray tracing to as many games as possible, and now, 12 more games have been put on the DLSS support list.

Russian mobile operators start flogging cheap and older communications tech
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Avoiding inflation

Russia's biggest mobile operator MTS has started selling discounted and used smartphones, offering Russian consumers cheaper alternatives as inflation bites and Western brands suspend shipments.

Spain wants to build its own chip industry
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Like a bull in a china shop

Spain's government has approved a plan to spend 12.25 billion euros ($13.12 billion) on the semiconductor and micro chip industry by 2027.

Boffins worry that smartphones stuff up your mental health
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Use Google Health App to prove it

The University of Oregon in the US have partnered with Google to launch a research on how smartphone use impacts mental wellbeing.

Apple’s DIY repair kit is as bad as you would expect
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79 pounds of tools to fix a battery

When Apple agreed to create DIY repair kits there were some of us who thought the outfit’s heart may not be in it.

DuckDuckGo is not as discrete as you might think
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 Microsoft tracking hole in the system

While many look to DuckDuckGo to protect them from monitoring from big tech, it looks like the search engine is not that private due to deals done with Microsoft.

Samsung builds a chipmaking “dream team”
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Time to take on Qualcomm

Samsung is rumoured to be assembling a special task force dubbed "Dream Platform One team" tasked with designing a custom in-house Samsung mobile Application Processor (AP).