SK hynix claims to be building fastest server memory modules
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8Gbps or roughly 8000MT/s

SK hynix claims to be building the world's fastest server DDR5 memory modules which will be capable of 8Gbps or roughly 8000MT/s.

Twitter investigated for turning offices into bedrooms
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Staff appear to have reported Musk

Supreme Twit Elon [look at me] Musk’s refusal to let his staff go home until they have met his ridiculous deadlines appear to have gotten him into trouble with San Francisco city planners.

Pentagon surrenders and divides cloud project among four big tech outfits
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Saves on court cases later 

The Pentagon is divvying up $9 billion in cloud contracts between Google, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon, presumably to avoid one of the megatech companies getting offended and suing.

Robots foiled by pedestrian crossings
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This never happened to the Terminator

Robots delivering groceries are being foiled by the complexities of pedestrian crossings.

iCloud finally gets end-to-end encryption
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We didn't want to upset the Chinese

Fruity cargo cult Apple is finally getting its security act together to lock governments out of its iCloud.

Micron releases 2550 NVMe SSDm
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First SSD with 232-layer NAND

Micron Technology has launched a new 232-layer solid-state drive (SSD) using NAND which does not require power to retain data.

Nvidia plans price drop of RTX 4080
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Competing with AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

With AMD's Radeon RX 7900 XTX out in a week, rivals Nvidia are planning to cut the price of its RTX 4080 to compete.

Microsoft working on a new compute cartridge for Surface Hub
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Brings 11 Gen Intel chips to the mix

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 has a rather natty feature which allows punters to upgrade or repair the device's guts by undoing a screw and sliding out the compute module containing the CPU, RAM, motherboard, and other components you might want to refresh.

Apple sued for helping stalkers
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AirTag's comedy security had serious implications

Two women are suing Apple saying that the outfit's security on its AirTag devices were used by their former partners to stalk them.

Apple's self-driving electric car will need a human driver
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A super-cool feature that no one else has invented 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple will try to flog a "super-cool" self-driving electric car with the unique feature not thought of by those in the car industry -- its cars will use a human to drive them.