Apple tries to baffle EU regulators with dodgy stats
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Why relying facts be your anti-trust defence when you have spin.

Fruity cargo cult Apple has presented a bunch of dodgy statistics to the EU to show that Spotify does not hand over a third of its income to the outfit.

US unleashes cyber warriors on Iran
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Directly approved by Trump

The US said it had responded to a recent rise in Iranian cyber activity and the shooting down of a spy drone last week by launching cyber attacks against Iran's military IT systems.

Huawei rules 5G
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25 June 2019

Huawei rules 5G

Which explains why telcos want it

The telecom industry’s first 5G RAN competitive analysis published by GlobalData has found that Huawei rules the roost.

Daimler faces more emission software allegations
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What? Software to reduce emission controls is illegal? We never knew that.

Germany's auto regulator told Daimler that it would have to recall 42,000 Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles after the group discovered illegal software on the cars that would reduce the effectiveness of the emissions control system.

Chipzilla gearing up to drop prices
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Temperature’s Ryzen at Intel HQ

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that Intel is going to drop its prices in a move to spoil AMD’s Ryzen 3000 launch.

Cyber security blighted by bias
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More dangerous than a Russian hacker

A study of cybersecurity professionals indicates that their confirmation bias is probably more likely to sink their computer networks than a Russian hacker.

Bill Gates says he has never got over one mistake
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We missed doing an Android

Software King of the World, and sworn enemy of the mosquito, Bill Gates, says he never has really got over his biggest mistake.

Hot desking is a good way to kill your company
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The dumbest management fad ever

The management fad of hot-desking is a damn fine way to destroy your company according to Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

Dell PCs ship with DLL hijacking bug
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You will have a fishy on a little dishy, when the bloat comes in

Millions of PCs made by Dell and other OEMs are vulnerable to a flaw stemming from a component in pre-installed SupportAssist software which enables a remote attacker to completely take over affected devices.

Online advertising industry is out of control
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Illegally profiling users

The UK’s data protection regulator has warned that the online behavioural advertising industry is illegally profiling internet users.