Samsung S10 codenames and SKUs emerge
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5G, Qualcomm and Exynos mix

The chaps at XDA developers have got their hands on a Galaxy S9+ Android 9.0 / Pie ROM and found proof and the codenames for existing and future Galaxy S10 phones.

Round two between Apple and Qualcomm kicks off
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Will there be an iPhone ban?

The second trial between Jobs' Mob and Qualcomm before the US International Trade Commission has opened with the risk that the iPhone should be banned from the United States.

Trump spares the Apple watch
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But the iPhone could face double tariffs 

US president Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has spared the Apple iWatch from his tariffs, but will not save the iPhone.

Older iPhones will lose dongles
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Apple move will hurt audio chip supplier Cirrus Logic.

Apple's older iPhones will no longer include lightning-to-headphone jack adapters and Barclays has warned that this would hurt audio chip supplier Cirrus Logic.

Apple slammed for sexist design
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To be fair,  Donald Trump also has the same problem

Apple has been slammed for creating phones which are too large to fit in the average woman or US president's hand.