Hackers use IoT botnets to mess with the energy markets
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Shocking what you can do if you know what you are doing

Security experts at the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered that high-wattage IoT botnets -- made up of power-guzzling devices like air conditioners, car chargers, and smart thermostats -- could be deployed strategically to increase demand at certain times in any of the nine private energy markets around the US.

Google takeover means customers lose their specs
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Glasses stop working

Smart glasses company North has told customers that their $600 purchases will stop working in a few days' time.

EU wants major concessions from Google on Fitbit
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You can't steal the data or no acquistion

The EU has demanded that Google make major concessions relating to its $2.1 billion acquisition of fitness-tracking company Fitbit if the deal is to be allowed to proceed.

Sony works out a way to spoil VR
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Everything is about adverts

Sony Interactive Entertainment has worked out how to destroy VR by inserting adverts.

Google is holding its speakers for ransom
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Google's YouTube music plan is asinine

YouTube Music will soon be Google's one-and-only music service and YouTube Music recently added the Google Music feature to its app  but it turns out changes are going to bring a pile of pain to users.