Nest man leaves the nest
Published in IoT

Flies to roost under Google's wing

The CEO of Nest is stepping down from that position as the fledgling company becomes integrated with Google.

Rolls Royce using cockroach robots
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The only problem is they scuttle away when the light is switched on

Rolls-Royce is developing tiny “cockroach” robots that can crawl inside aircraft engines to spot and fix problems.

Silicon wafer demand propped up by the IoT and clever cars
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But there are shortfalls

The Internet of Things and the move to more intelligent cars is creating a shortfall in the supply of silicon wafers and other raw materials, which will likely persist through 2025.

Compal spruces up its PC and smart device business
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Aiming to double its share price

Compal will carry out further improvements and integration of its PC and smart device departments, and boost its non-PC revenues and overall profitability its newly appointed president CP Wong has claimed.

Qualcomm and Gizwits team up on IoT
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First commercial IoT development platform supporting upgrade to LTE IoT

Qualcomm has teamed up with IoT development platform maker Gizwits to create a breakthrough in IoT development solutions by working toward delivering the world’s first commercial 2G cellular modules with field upgrades to LTE IoT (eMTC/Cat-M1 and NB-IoT/Cat-NB1).