IBM quantum processor manages machine learning
Published in IoT

The cat is out of the box Dave

IBM researchers have managed to implement machine learning on an IBM quantum processor

Cincoze releases new fanless PC
Published in IoT

For industrial IoT

Embedded PC maker Cincoze has launched its latest compact fanless computer.

Microsoft releases expensive HoloLens 2
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Aiming for industry not the great unwashed

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided that its new Hololens 2 AR specs are not for the great unwashed and released them with a price tag that consumers cannot afford – $3,500.

Nike’s high-tech shoes won’t boot
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Help my left foot is bricked

Nike users are experiencing some technical difficulties in its strange world of connected footwear.

Apple’s homepod was a lemon
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All the hype in the world could not save it

A new survey has shown that Apple’s entry into the smart speaker market has failed to compete with much cheaper offerings from Amazon and Google.