Philips Projection upgrades Neopix projectors
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Gives them premium features

Philips Projection is upgrading the NeoPix Easy, Prime and Ultra with the Easy 2+, Prime 2 and Ultra 2 by bringing the PicoPix Collection’s premium features to its NeoPix collection.

Only Apple could design a watch which catches fire
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That's real innovation

Fruity cargo cult Apple appears to have designed a wrist watch which catches fire showing that it is once again at the cutting edge of innovation.

Xplora 4 smartwatch has a deliberate spyhole
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Takes photos and records audio

The Xplora 4 smartwatch, made by Chinese outfit Qihoo 360 Technology Co, and marketed to children under the Xplora brand in the US and Europe, can covertly take photos and record audio when activated by an encrypted SMS message.

Amazon suffers 14,000 work related injuries
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Evil robots

Even as Amazon spends tens of millions on new robotics and technologies to automate its warehouses, workers are still paying the price with more than 14,000 serious injuries -- requiring days off or job restrictions -- reported in fulfilment centres in 2019.

SiFive hires Patrick Little as CEO
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Ex Qualcomm SVP and GM of Automotive

In this bombastic week for the industry, SiFive, a leader in Risc V architecture products, has announced that it has hired Patrick W. Little as President and CEO, effective immediately.