Sensor maker does really well
Published in IoT

Despite worldwide woe

Sensor specialist AMS has said that it expects the impact from the novel coronavirus to be limited in the current quarter and posted first quarter revenues within the upper half of its forecast.

Northrop Grumman carries out satellite service
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Robot saves the day

A robot has carried out the world’s first commercial satellite servicing mission while below the world was hoarding bog roll.

Nokia partners with Asavie
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Make your edge more mobile

Nokia today announced a partnership with Asavie to use its SD Edge mobility solution to extend the reach of the Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution to include enterprise mobile and IoT devices.

FCC warns about smart padlock which isn’t
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Tapplock blasted

An electronic padlock which unlocks with a fingerprint or an app connected by Bluetooth to your phone does not work, according to the FCC.

Smart-loo could create a new movement
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Your loo could be your next doctor

A team of boffins has built a smart-toilet that can detect signs of various diseases emerging from your backend.