Xiaomi releases iWatch killer
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Looks the same, lasts long and costs only $185

Xiaomi, which competes with Apple for the top position in the wearable market, today made the competition a little more interesting. The Chinese electronics giant has launched its first smartwatch called the Mi Watch that looks strikingly similar to the Apple Watch in its home market.

Google makes an offer for Fitbit
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Wants to get into the fitness tracker business

Google owner Alphabet Inc has made an offer to acquire US wearable device maker Fitbit as part of a cunning plan to get into the market for fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Smart homes need not be insecure
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They can be disconnected from the net

A publicly-funded group of designers, artists and privacy experts from Amsterdam have designed an intelligent home system prototype to "prove it's technically possible to build a privacy respecting smart home while maintaining convenience".

Security people fear their toilets being hacked
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IoT throws everything down the pan

Bog standard research from hardware security company nCipher suggests that IT security professionals are rather insecure about IoT and are becoming worried that even their toilets are leaking secret information.

Corporate automation is an invisible job killer
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According to a team of economists

Ominous new research by a team of economists claims that businesses are slowly driving away employees with an invisible move to automation.