Apple downgrades harddrive speeds
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Technology is moving too fast for Apple

Apple today announced updates to the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro and while the Tame Apple Press enthuses about price drops the fact that Jobs Mob is moving to older and slower technology is not getting much of a mention.

Intel’s Pohoiki Beach simulates eight million neurons
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AI tasks 1,000 times faster than CPUs.

Intel [remember them?] has unveiled a new AI system codenamed "Pohoiki Beach," a 64-chip computer capable of simulating 8 million neurons in total.

Xiaomi buys stake in chipmaker
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Another crack at independence with stake in chips

China’s Xiaomi has written a cheque for six percent in shares of chip designer VeriSilicon suggesting that the smartphone contender is going to have a crack at making semiconductors.

Apple kills off 12-inch MacBook
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Average world standards raised by a fraction

Fruity cargo cult Apple has finally given up on its 12-inch MacBook and got rid of the model

Apple kills butterfly with scissors
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These butterflies are just so unreliable

Apple is to ditch the butterfly mechanism used in MacBooks since 2015, which has been the root of reliability issues and is about as popular as the Boston Strangler with Mac users.