Ryzen 5 HP Envy cleans Intel Core i7 Spectre clock
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Cheaper and better

The Ryzen 5 4600U-powered Envy costs hundreds of dollars less than the Core i7-1065G7 Spectre but runs longer and faster while being just as thin and light, according to a comparison run by Notebook Check.

Apple was hacked off with Intel
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Skylake forced its hand

Fruity cargo cult Apple was so miffed at Intel that it was effectively forced to come up with another solution.

Do nanometers matter?
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Interesting marketing that works

I have been around to vividly remember 350 nm and the first Pentium and AMD K5/K6 processors, and since that time, I have tracked the microprocessors and GPU market. It went swiftly from 350 to 250nm and later to 180, 130, 90, 65, 45, 32nm, and 14nm. It took some ten significant geometry shrinking and power reductions to get to 10nm and even to get to 7nm. Apple, in collaboration with TSMC, is just months away from announcing 5nm chips, but the real question is, do nanometers matter?

Panasonic releases new Toughbook
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For mobile workers

Panasonic strengthened its Android tablet line-up today with the launch of the TOUGHBOOK A3, a fully rugged tablet with a 10.1 inch display.

Plasmon nanojets could be the next new thing in computing
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Yep, another new thing

A team of Russian and Danish researchers have made a first-ever experimental observation of a plasmon nanojet which could have interesting computing applications.