Amazon orders 40 electric delivery vans
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StreetScooter for carbon-free deliveries

Amazon has ordered 40 electric vans from Deutsche Post’s StreetScooter unit for deliveries in the German city of Munich as part of the plan to be carbon neutral by 2040.

Boeings' 737 Max woes go orbital
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NASA is a bit worried about the Starliner spacecraft

In the wake of the 737 Max fiasco, NASA appears to be a bit worried about Boeing’s Starline rocket.

Boeing staff mocked the MAX
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Designed by clowns supervised by monkeys

Boeing has released hundreds of internal messages that showed its staff had a really low opinion of its 737 MAX.

Robert Bosch develops a 3D sensor
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Lower the cost of self-driving cars

German automotive supplier Robert Bosch said Thursday it has developed a sensor that lets cars “see” a three-dimensional view of the road, aiming to lower the cost of technology that could speed the development of self-driving cars.

Tesla must face racism claims
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Judge rules case must proceed

A federal judge rejected Tesla efforts to dismiss claims by two former workers that the California electric car factory where they worked was a hotbed of racial hostility.