Toyota pretends hybrids are better
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Better than admitting it has been caught short

The company that bought us sticky gas pedals, Toyota, has fallen behind other car companies in producing electric cars and is dealing with the problem by pretending that hybrids are better.

Tesla Model Y starts at $47K in late 2020
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And in Europe will cost €56.000 in early 2021

Tesla has announced its next car and simply calls it Tesla Y. This is a higher version of Tesla 3 that has a similar interior - read no interior but a single 15inch tablet - but is slated to have three sitting rows and a range of 300 miles (482 km). Elon doesn’t tell you that a fully self-driving vehicle costs an additional $8,000 in the US and  €9,200 in Europe.

Toyota prepares to go into space
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The final frontier

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota have signed an agreement for future collaboration in space.

Volvo releases the all-electric car
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Polestar comes with Google

Volvo has released its first all-electric car to take on the Tesla 3.

Volkswagen signs transportation pact with Microsoft
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Connected car marriage made in….

Hitler’s favourite car company has teamed up with the people who brought you Windows Vista as part of a drive to offer connected vehicle services across the globe.