Tesla nicked using a smartphone
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It is a doddle if you don't want to charge your car ever again

The security of the Tesla Model 3 has been called into question after one was stolen from a Mall of America in Minnesota using just a mobile app and a smartphone.

Buy while you drive with Audi Alexa
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Electric car is absolutely Amazon

Auto manufacturer Audi said it will integrate Amazon's Alexa into its Audi e-tron, a completely electric motor car.

Saudi Arabia invests in Tesla rival
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Now that women are allowed to drive their kids to school

Saudi Arabia has agreed to invest more than $1 billion in Tesla rival Lucid which wants to build a new high performance electric car.

VW wants to set some universal self-driving car standards
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Just don't mention diesel

Hitler's favourite car company is in talks with other carmakers to set common standards for self-driving vehicle technology.

Nvidia adds nine games to the DLSS-support list
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Darksiders III, SCUM, and more

Nvidia is pushing hard to bring as many developers on the RTX train and while support for Nvidia Ray Tracing might be limited to a couple of titles at launch, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support is gaining much more ground with nine new titles added to the list.