VW invests $50 billion in electrification
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Wants to blitzkrieg the new car market

Adolf Hitler’s favourite car company VW is planning to blitzkrieg the developing car electrification industry by investing $50 billion.

Waymo to start first driverless car service
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The beginning of a new error

Humanity may take its first paid ride into the driverless car age in a few weeks.

VW to seriously undercut Tesla
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Plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000

Adolf Hitler's favourite car company plans to sell a reasonably priced electric car which should kick Telsa to the curb.

Kanye West wants Apple to build Trump an 'iPlane'
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And for once we agree with him

Popular beat combo artist and Trump luvvie Kanye West thinks it would be a really good idea if Apple built an iPlane for Donald Trump. While we don’t normally agree with Apple building anything for anyone, we think this might actually save the world.

EU decides you will not own your self-driving car data
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Bought to you by the same party that broke the internet

A routine vote on regulations for self-driving cars saw members of the European Peoples' Party vote down a clause that would protect a vehicle's telemetry so that it couldn't become someone's property.