Even humans drive better than Tesla’s automatic pilot
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Consumer Reports warning

Consumer Reports has rubbished a new feature on Tesla cars which will allow them to change lanes automatically saying that it doesn’t work very well and could create potential safety risks for drivers.

Self-driving cars delayed
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2021 is not viable

Car makers have pushed back the time table for full, Level 5 self-driving cars.

Driverless truck takes to the streets in Sweden
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World's first

A driverless electric truck began daily freight deliveries on a public road in Sweden on Wednesday, in what developer Einride and logistics customer DB Schenker described as a world's first.

Elon Musk says Lidar is fool’s gold
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Lidars are unnecessary

Tesla has shared a vast amount of details about its FSD (Full Self Driving) dual SoC 14nm computer and said that the 12 ARM core chip has a modest GPU, a custom neural network compute part, while the SoC packs 250 million gates, 6 billion transistors at 260 mm2. More importantly, Elon addressed Tesla’s apparent desire to stay away from Lidars.

Taiwan and Nvidia team up on self driving cars
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Drive Constellation and Drive Sim platforms to be used

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology has teamed up with the the GPU maker named after a Roman vengence daemon to speed up  a government fostered autonomous driving programme.