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Volkswagen's self-driving car revolution

by on20 March 2024

Teaming up with tech titans for a driverless dream

Volkswagen has partnered with Mobileye to turbocharge its motors with nifty automated driving tech.

These include some new gadgets that'll let your motor overtake on the motorway and slam the brakes at traffic lights without you lifting a finger.

The posh lot buyers driving Audis, Bentleys, and Lambos will be the first to get their mitts on these smart cars.

Volkswagen and Porsche boss Oliver Blume said smart wheels will make drives safer and snazzier. And with Mobileye in the mix, they're all set to zoom into the future together.

Volkswagen's sights are set on even smarter stuff – like self-driving cars. They're cooking up this tech with Mobileye to ensure it's top-notch across all their brands.

Another target will be commercial vans, which VW wants Level 4 automation. They're decking out their electric ID.Buzz vans will do all the work, so you don't have to.

Mobileye's Amnon Shashua said his outfit made driving safer and more hands-free than ever. He reckons Volkswagen's leading the pack, putting AI-powered magic in the hands of drivers everywhere.

Volkswagen's not putting all its eggs in one basket. They're also teaming up with Bosch and Qualcomm, and they've got a plan to cook up some secret sauce for driverless tech.

Michael Steiner, the head of R&D at Volkswagen, is about to get these goodies out the door. They're streamlining the whole shebang to ensure you get the latest and greatest without a hitch.


Last modified on 21 March 2024
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