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Apple's car project goes up in smoke

by on28 February 2024

Wasted ten years and millions of quid

Apple has finally given up on its electric car project after ten years of faffing about, changing direction and leadership, and ultimately creating only stories in the Tame Apple Press.

The project, Project Titan, was meant to be a posh, limo-like car with fancy self-driving features and a whopping £73,000 price tag. Simply mentioning it made the writers in the Tame Apple Press moist. However, like many deluded fanboys, they had not realised that Jobs' Mob was operating well outside its expertise –making toys for rich kids with more money than sense.

Crucial to the project was that Apple needed friends in the automotive industry, which it lacked. When it showed up to meetings expecting to tell its suppliers what to do, something is used to doing in the tech industry, and they were telling it to go forth and multiply.

 But the project got less and less ambitious over time. For example, it was once planned to have Level 4 self-driving features, which was cut back to Level 2+.

The car (which started work in 2014) was supposed to be out by 2028. Now, it won't be out at all.

The decision was "made by Apple's top bosses in recent weeks," according to Bloomberg's sources.

The Tame Apple press claims that Apple's leaders worried that the car might never make the desired returns, although that should have been a simple bit of accounting done at the start. It is more likely that Apple finally admitted to itself that the project was haemorrhaging cash and would never find a partner to make its car even if it designed one.

Now Titan's axing is being pitched to staff as a change of focus. Apple bosses Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch that workers working on the self-driving bit of the car will be moved under AI boss John Giannandrea to work on AI projects. AI is another area where Jobs Mob has been dropping the ball lately, and the company has to fling staff and cash at the problem to catch up.

But the fate of others who worked on other bits of the car, like car engineering and design, is less clear. The report says sackings are likely but doesn't say how many or when.

We feel sorry for the Tame Apple Press, which, unlike us, has been wasting its street cred writing stories about how fantastic the car will be when it arrives. Now, it has been forced to talk up the fake reality Vision Pro headsets, which will probably go the same way.


Last modified on 28 February 2024
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