Russians launch Apple and Google app replacement store
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RuStore supposed to replace the west

Russian Internet group VK launched a homemade app store. The company is hoping that this new store will replace all the Western alternatives.

Epic Games has another bash at Apple
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Friday, 27 May 2022 13:20

Epic Games has another bash at Apple

Third party apps will not compromise security otherwise your Mac would be wide open

In a new court filing, Epic Games challenges Apple’s position that third-party app stores would compromise the iPhone’s security.

US Republicans want Google and Apple to ban Chinese Apps
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Make America grate again

Republican Senators want to bar U.S. app stores including Apple and Google from hosting apps that allow payments to be made with China's digital currency,

Apple’s DIY repair kit is as bad as you would expect
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79 pounds of tools to fix a battery

When Apple agreed to create DIY repair kits there were some of us who thought the outfit’s heart may not be in it.

Apple eyes Electronic Arts
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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 12:11

Apple eyes Electronic Arts

Looking to buy and kicking the tires

Video game publisher Electronic Arts is actively seeking a potential buyer or merger.

Apple in a panic after key staffers revolt
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We don’t want to come back to the flying saucer

Yesterday we reported out Apple backpedalled over its insistence that its staff return to the flying saucer and stop working from home.

Apple decides not to force its workers back to work
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Tells them it fears new Covid outbreak

After making a big thing about forcing its workers back to the Office, fruit and nutty cargo cult Apple appears to have realised that a lot of its staff will just leave instead.

Apple allows developers to jack up app subscriptions
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Without users' permission

Fruit and Nutty cargo cult Apple is going to allow app developers to jack up subscription prices without asking user’s permission.

Apple investigating E Ink for folding phones
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Might save power but will appear too late anyway

Fruity and nutty cargo cult Apple is apparently investigating the use of E Ink screens on the outside of its much delayed foldable phones.

Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company
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Tame Apple Press in mourning -- if only our shareholders were the Saudi government 

The Tame Apple press mourned as its favourite company was no longer the world’s most valuable firm.