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Apple schmoozes as anti-trust concerns deepen

by on12 March 2024

Visits White House 87 times in just four years

Fruity cargo cult Apple supremo Tim Cook, is hoping to head off anti-trust investigations with a White House charm offensive.

According to the New York Post, Cook has personally visited the White House 11 times in just four years.

The Post said that Apple's lobbyists and execs have been frequent flyers to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since 2021. And Cook He's been there 11 times, rubbing shoulders with at least 14 officials and even opening the drink’s cabinet with President Joe Biden.

Cook's been playing the political puppeteer since the Trump era, charming the former president with his silver tongue and personal visits. And under Biden's watch, the tech titan's influence-peddling has hit new heights, with Apple splashing out a cool €9 million on lobbying in 2023 alone—a record-breaking spree totalling a whopping €32.4 million since 2020.

While Apple's wallet may be deep, it's still peanuts compared to Meta, Amazon, and Google, which have been outspending the Cupertino crew in the political arena.

All this is to avoid the government's crosshairs over antitrust antics, Apple's upped the ante, schmoozing its way through the corridors of power. But will all this wining and dining pay off, or will it leave a sour taste in the mouths of regulators? Only time will tell.


Last modified on 12 March 2024
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