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Apple iPhones need an urgent update

by on11 February 2022

Apparently the security is wide open again

Apple has released an update for its iPhone and iPad for an already exploited attack which exploits a software bug.

Jobs’ Mob’s released iOS 15.3.1 and while it comes with various bug fixes for the “perfect operating system,” but one which surprised the Tame Apple Press was a that one of the fixes was a  security flaw. Now, everyone in the Tame Apple Press knows that Apple never have security flaws, that only happens to Microsoft based software.

Apparently, this security flaw is a vulnerability in WebKit where it would let hackers create a website that could then execute code.

This means that fanboys could visit a website and find that hackers had control of their Coldplay and U2 collection.

Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited. The Tame Apple Press, desperate to deny the existence of any security vulnerability, said that the fact that Apple is aware of a report, did not necessarily mean that the “feature” had been exploited really.


Last modified on 12 February 2022
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