Microsoft kills off Kinect
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End of an error

The software king of the world Microsoft has given up on its depth camera and voice recognition microphone.

Original Kinect discontinued
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For Windows when out of inventory

Microsoft has announced that it intends to disconnect the original Kinect for Windows sensor once the existing inventory is depleted. Going forward Windows users will have access to Kinect v2 for Windows as well as the 2.0 Kinect SDK for Windows.

Virgin wants to Kinect in flight
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Less fun five miles up

Virgin Atlantic is to use Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect technology to read customer behaviour and movement.

To China on Xbox One first

$49 adapter gets it connected

Starts showing up on retailer shelves at $149.99

Xbox One owners likely will greet it with a yawn

Opts to use the extra power to boost resolution

Microsoft bends to the will of the buyers

Industry vet dismisses Microsoft tech