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Oldest PC game is 40 years old

by on25 April 2024

Still in active development

Biplane shoot-'em up, Sopwith, is celebrating 40 years since its first release in 1984.

The game is one of the oldest PC games still in active development today, originating as an MS-DOS game for the original IBM PC.

The 40th-anniversary site has a detailed history of how the game was written as a tech demo for the now-defunct Imaginet networking system.

There is also a video interview with its original authors."The game involves piloting a Sopwith biplane, attempting to bomb enemy buildings while avoiding fire from enemy planes and various other obstacles," reads the Wiki page.

 "Sopwith uses four-color CGA graphics, and music and sound effects are done using the PC speaker. A sequel with the same name, but often referred to as Sopwith 2, was released in 1985."

You can play the game on your browser here.


Last modified on 25 April 2024
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