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Arm claims it will have half the PC market in five years

by on04 June 2024

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Arm Holdings is set to capture over 50 per cent of the Windows PC market within five years.

According to Arm CEO Rene Haas, Microsoft and its hardware partners were just starting the party by releasing a new series of computers using the British company's technology.

The demand for Arm's technology in personal computers received a boost following Microsoft's announcement last month of plans to introduce a novel range of PCs equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities, aiming to rival Alphabet and Apple.

The prominent Windows operating system will now operate on chips crafted by Arm, whose technology has been instrumental in the smartphone revolution. Intel chips have long reigned over the PC sector, and a successful move by Arm could significantly reshape the market landscape.

Haas said: "Arm's market share in Windows - I think, truly, in the next five years, it could be better than 50 per cent."

Microsoft has committed substantially to ensuring that its alternative to Advanced Micro Devices and Intel's x86 technology gains consumer acceptance. It is developing an extensive suite of software developer tools to enable the creation of programs compatible with Arm-based chips.

"They've (Microsoft) gone way beyond anything they had (in developer tools) and they picked it up in the last couple of years," Haas said.

"They are very, very much committed from a software standpoint."

The Tame Apple Press claims that Microsoft and hardware manufacturers copy Apple's approach. The tech giant has achieved success with its Arm design introductions, selling devices with its "M Series" processors for about four years.

Qualcomm has engineered the inaugural Arm-based chip to acquaint consumers and businesses with the new Windows-oriented Arm devices, but Haas anticipates other vendors will follow suit.

Microsoft has also secured commitments from several device manufacturers, including Asus and Dell Technologies, to market machines featuring the Arm-based system.

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