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Now sold separately Kinect coming

by on28 August 2014

Xbox One owners likely will greet it with a yawn

So when Microsoft announced that it would be selling the Xbox One without the Kinect bundled with it, they also did confirm that in the near future they would offer the Kinect separately for those who purchased an Xbox One without it, but had now decided to add it.

Microsoft has now confirmed that Kinect will now be sold separately starting on October 7th in a bundle that will include the new Dance Central: Spotlight for $149.99. If you think about it, since they are bundling one of the best games for Kinect with the Kinect, the price tag does make sense.

So there you have it, Kinect sold separately for Xbox One is coming and will include the new Dance Central: Spotlight. In announcing the news that the now sold separately Kinect was coming, Microsoft added that sales of the console bundle for the Xbox One that includes Kinect had been picking up. We think that has more to do with left over inventory that some sort of longing for Kinect that gamers are having. (If you can’t get a core system, because the Madden NFL bundle had yet to be released, and you wanted an Xbox One, you purchased what the dealers had, which was bundled systems that included Kinect.)

We suspect that the vast majority of Xbox One owners that don’t have Kinect will greet the news with a yawn, but there does seem to be at least some interest in the voice controlled dashboard and the voice controlled TV features that Kinect offers. Still we suspect that the Kinect sold separately isn’t going to set any sales records.

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