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Gates patents a method to break Glass

by on17 April 2014

He is a privacy champion now

Former Microsoft boss turned sworn enemy of the mosquito, Sir William Gates has filed a patent to break Google’s wearable Glass product. We all know how good Sir Bill is at breaking things, so it is no surprise that the Microsoft founder has come up with an idea to switch Glass off.

According to a patent filing, his method is to equip computer and device displays with technology for detecting and responding to any cameras in the vicinity by editing or blurring the content on the screen, or alerting the user to the presence of the camera. The patent does not specifically mention Google Glass, but generally addresses the increase in video cameras in our society.

How it works is that an intruder analysis module scans the input for viewers, and classifies them as either intruders or safe viewers. Intruder analysis module also scans the input for cameras or camera-equipped devices. Intruder analysis module may classify an object as a viewer or camera using any number of detection algorithms.

A processing circuit analyses the information to determine the presence of intruding camera. The processing circuit edits or changes content on electronic media display device in response to detecting intruding camera. For example, the processing circuit may blur the contents of the display or cause an alert to appear, thereby notifying user of the intrusion.

Sensitive content can be protected from being captured by unauthorised cameras. No word from anyone if they plan to bring this technology to market.

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