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Bungie to ditch Kinect support for Destiny

by on10 June 2014

Opts to use the extra power to boost resolution

The first major announcement of an upcoming game choosing to ditch connect in favor of the extra GPU horsepower comes from Bungie. Bungie has confirmed that it has opted to drop Kinect support in favor of using the extra 10% bump in GPU performance to increase the resolution and graphics performance of its upcoming title Destiny.

While Bungie might be the most public, we also hear that Sunset Overdrive will also use the GPU speed bump to crank up the graphics performance of the game ever more. While they have not talked resolution or frame rate, they have said it will lead to more vibrant and alive game play.

A for Bungie, they have not said what kind of an impact they expect the GPU boost to give Destiny. Since they are just getting things into their hands, it will take time to test and optimize to find the best resolution and frame rate that works the best for Destiny, but sources suggest that the extra 10% will pull things closer to the PlayStation 4 version that is for sure.

These are not the only developers that are apparently looking forward to the extra 10% of GPU performance. Many other developers plan to experiment with it and see how much of a difference it can make. By the way, we have also confirmed that reports suggesting that you have to unplug the Kinect to take advantage of the extra GPU performance boost are false. It is as simple as if the game was compiled to take advantage of it, it will no matter of the Kinect is plugged in or not.


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