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Virgin wants to Kinect in flight

by on23 December 2014

Less fun five miles up

Virgin Atlantic is to use Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect technology to read customer behaviour and movement.

It is part of its cunning plan to create an "intelligent" cabin it can pull insights from on customers. Debbie Hulmes, head of customer experience at Virgin Atlantic, said the company was looking at Kinect technology to read consumer behaviour and movement in the cabin. This will help it understand what is the most comfortable place for you to work, sleep, to eat and how we might develop that intelligence in to an on board product to tailor it far more to the individual customer.

Of course you don’t need Kinect to tell you that anyone over four foot tall with the ability to curl up on a seat like a cat, is going to have a miserable trip on a long haul flight. Particularly if they are stuck next to an alcoholic flatulent rugby player on a 26 hour flight to New Zealand.


Last modified on 28 December 2014
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