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Original Kinect discontinued

by on05 January 2015

For Windows when out of inventory

Microsoft has announced that it intends to disconnect the original Kinect for Windows sensor once the existing inventory is depleted. Going forward Windows users will have access to Kinect v2 for Windows as well as the 2.0 Kinect SDK for Windows.

Those companies or users that rely on or are committed to the original Kinect sensor will need to contact Microsoft as soon as possible to arrange for the purchase of additional units because no additional units are being manufactured going forward.

Depending on the situation it might just be better to port your application over to use the second generation Kinect with your Windows applications. Ok course that is a bit easier said than done due to the more advanced nature of the new v2 Kinect.

The news really isn’t that much of a surprised to Kinect for Windows users as Microsoft released the v2 Kinect for Windows along with the new 2.0 SDK for Kinect for Windows back in October 2014, so you could really guess what was next in the future.


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