iPhone finally gets some Android Apps
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It must have finally invented them

The Tame Apple Press has got all excited about the fact that Apple has finally introduced customisable home screens, widgets, and picture in picture with iOS 14. The same features Android has supported for years but no one made a big song and dance about.

Google decides now is not the time to release new Android
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Maybe with the US falling to bits right now we shouldn't be trying to celebrate Android 11

Google had been planning to unveil new features coming in Android 11 on 3 June but it has decided to delay the unveiling.

Huawei works a way around Android ban
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Launches new variants of old smartphones

Huawei is working its away around Trump's refusal to let it have Android updates by releasing new variants of old phones

Huawei kept from Android for another year
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Trump calls a "national emergency"

Taking time from his busy schedule of offering medical advice to the terminally stupid, President Donald (Inject the bleach) Trump issued a  “National Emergency” to continue to prevent Hauwai from using Android.

Google plans Android 11 Beta Launch Show
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Ready for June 3

Despite the lock-down Google still has a major Android event planned for this spring.

Fairphone offers de-Googled Android
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No more code sent without your consent

Fairphone, a European manufacturer of mobile phones with a reduced environmental impact, has announced a partnership to offer /e/OS, the most "de-Googled" and pro-privacy Android OS, on its latest model Fairphone 3.

Apple makes sky dark for Android weather watchers
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We invented the weather

Apple has given a popular weather app a pile of cash and told it to shut off Android users from the service.

Loss of Android Apps could harm Huawei
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This is one US embargo which might hurt

According to a report from The Information, Huawei expects to see a 20 percent drop in sales of its Android smartphones during 2020.

A rooted Android phone helps to jailbreak iOS.
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Ebony and Ivory

In a sign of unity, it appears that an Android phone can be used to jailbreak an Apple iPhone so that its users can experience true freedom outside the walled garden of delights.

Android catches herpes
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14 February 2020

Android catches herpes

Once infected it does not go away

A widely circulating piece of Android malware which uses a clever trick to reinfect its targets in a feat that stumped researchers as to precisely how it was pulled off.