Apple called Android a tracking device
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Ironic don’t cha think

The outfit which is currently being sued for supplying stalkers with tracking devices, Apple told a court that Android was a great big tracking device.

Netflix tests on-stream gaming on more devices
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Not just iOS and Android

Netflix is officially bringing its games to more devices. So far, the company's library of games has only been available on iOS and Android.

Pixels might double as dash cams
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Accidental reveal 

Google mistakenly released a test version of its Personal Safety app that includes a new feature called "Dashcam" on select Android devices.

Firefox attacks Google over Android Play Store
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The privacy label system is corrupt

Firefox maker Mozilla released a study chiding Google for flaws in its Android Play Store app privacy label system.

Rust killing off memory safety issues in Android
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Some things are best left to rust quietly

Google has noticed that since it announced Android Open Source Project (AOSP) support for Rust, memory safety vulnerabilities have fallen.

Russians pretended to be Americans to get US army work
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8,000 iOS and Android apps contain code developed in Russia

A Russian data company pretending to be an American one developed code for the United States Army, as well as for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Firefox gets total cookie protection
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On Android

Firefox Android browser users will enable the Total Cookie Protection feature by default.

Windows 11 slightly more popular than diabetes
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Only 15.44 per cent have it 

Only 5.44 percent of PCs across the globe have installed Microsoft Windows 11, meaning it gained 1.83 percentage points in a month. To put this figure in perspective only ten per cent of the population have some form of diabetes. 

Earth moves for Android App
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Tame Apple Press does not understand how Apple didnt invent it first

Google's Android Earthquake Alert System, which provides a surface-level warning to device owners in quake zones, across the world was first used in the US.

Google gives Apple a taste of its own medicine
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Will make Apple layouts look rubbish on Android 

Google has had enough of Apple making messages from Android users look bad on iMessenger and is giving Jobs' Mob a taste of its own medicine.