Huawei ban hurts US tech too
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Intel, Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft

The four above are just the tip of the iceberg and probably the companies that will most suffer from the ban, but ISV like Adobe, antivirus makers, any US-based software maker on Android or Windows selling to Huawei will be affected too.

Google is sitting on Android adoption data
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What is it hiding?

Google has been accused of sitting on the adoption data of its various mobile operating system versions.

Google wants to put adverts on your Android TV
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Sony Smart TVs, Mi Box 3 from Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield TV, and others

Search engine outfit Google is hoping to stick adverts on Android smart TVs because you can never have too much advertising.

Android AV apps don't work
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More than 250 in the Google Play app store did not work

More than 250 anti-virus apps in Google Play are snake oil and fail to offer any defence against malware samples, according to the Austrian antivirus-testing lab AV-Comparatives

Microsoft suggests Windows 10 mobile users switch to Android
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Or you could be silly and waste your money on an iPhone, we don't really care

Software king of the world Microsoft has told those still using Windows 10 mobile that they will have to buy something different.

Google develops foldable phone software for Android
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Baked in

Google has developed software for foldable displays which are coming out from the likes of Samsung.

Government snoopers deploy malware
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Spotted in 45 countries

Security researchers have found evidence that a piece of malware peddled as "lawful intercept" software to government agencies has been deployed against victims located in 45 countries.

Google officially unveils the Android 9 Pie
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AI, new looks, and beefier security

Although it was already announced earlier under the Android P moniker, Google has now officially announced its latest major version of the Android mobile OS, the Android 9 Pie, releasing more details as well as rolling it out to Pixel devices.

Android devices plagued by RAMpage bug
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Rampage is an evolution of Rowhammer

Almost all Android devices released since 2012 are vulnerable to RAMpage bug, an international team of academics has revealed.

Android apps will have their own DRM
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And few have noticed

Google has rolled out a feature that adds a string of metadata to all APK files when they are signed by the developer.