Milan-based RCS Lab hacked Apple and Android
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Too sexy from Milan

An Italian company's hacking tools were good enough to take down Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, according to Google.

Microsoft updates Windows for Android
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More integration than you can poke a stick at 

Microsoft has updated the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to Android 12.1 and shipped improvements to Android integration with Windows, networking, the camera in apps, and the Settings app.

Alibaba Cloud porting Android to RISC-V
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Unable for the US to stop it

Alibaba Cloud has advanced its work to port Android to the RISC-V in a move which will stop the US from preventing China getting its paws on US tech.

Samsung throttle’s Android apps
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Thought it was improving power

Samsung is throttling the performance of thousands of Android apps on Galaxy smartphones, including Google and Samsung's first-party apps.

MediaTek beating Qualcomm on Android according to IDC
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Updated: Counterpoint claims Qualcomm has 55 vs 37 percent

MediaTek might have just beaten out Qualcomm to claim the biggest market share of any chipmaker for Android phones in the United States.

Apple staff turn to Android
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iPhone not secure enough to protect unionising staff from company spies

Apple staff wanting to unionise are having to discard their over-priced Apple gear in favour of Android which cannot be used by the company to spy on them.

2022 is the year of Android on the Window’s desktop
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Windows 11 will get Android Apps next month

Microsoft is planning to launch a public preview of its Android apps for Windows 11 next month.

Microsoft sacrifices promising Andromeda to Android monster
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Where is Perseus when you need him?

Software King of the World Microsoft has abandoned plans for its own mobile operating system.

Apple thinks annoying teens will get them to switch from Android
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How to make your users even more annoying by turning them into bullies

Fruity cargo cult Apple thinks that its colour coding of SMS messages will force teens to switch from Android to Apple.

Google shows off car unlocking
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With your phone

Google used the annual CES technology conference to showcase upcoming deeper ties among its devices and preview support for unlocking more cars with Android phones.