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Windows 11 slightly more popular than diabetes

by on03 November 2022

Only 15.44 per cent have it 

Only 5.44 percent of PCs across the globe have installed Microsoft Windows 11, meaning it gained 1.83 percentage points in a month. To put this figure in perspective only ten per cent of the population have some form of diabetes. 

More than 71.29 per cent running Windows 10, which fell marginally from 71.88 percent in September, according to Statcounter.

Windows 7 is in third place with 9.61 per cent, Windows 8.1 in fourth with 2.45 per cent, plain old Windows 8 with 0.69 per cent, and bless its heart, Windows XP still exists on 0.39 per cent .

In total, Windows has almost 76 per cent of the global desktop OS market followed by OS X with 15.7 per cent and Linux with 2.6 per cent. 

Android comprised 42.37 percent of total operating system market share, with Windows trailing on 30.11 percent, iOS on 17.6 percent, OS X on 6.24 percent, and Linux on 1.04 percent. 

Statcounter is a web analytics service with tracking code installed on 1.5 million websites, recording billions of page views for each site. AdDuplex collates stats from Microsoft Store apps that contain the AdDuplex SDK (estimated to be 5,000 apps) and it claimed that Windows 11 had 23 percent market share in June.


Last modified on 03 November 2022
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