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Apple called Android a tracking device

by on03 November 2023

Ironic don’t cha think

The outfit which is currently being sued for supplying stalkers with tracking devices, Apple told a court that Android was a great big tracking device.

In an internal Apple presentation, presented as evidence during the Google antitrust trial, the company called Android a "massive tracking device."

The presentation in question was to suggest marketing Apple gear as "Competing on Privacy." The slides, made in January 2013, dove into how Apple's competitors (Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft primarily) handled privacy matters and user data.

A "privacy timeline" includes some 2000s and 2010s events that made headlines regarding privacy, such as Google's Street View cars recording private Wi-Fi networks and Instagram's aim to use user photos in its ads, as well as Google's privacy policy move to combining user data across services.

Apple compared how its products handle privacy differently from Google and others – apparently without much in the way of self-awareness.  Even the Tame Apple Press admits that mobile devices track people even iOS.

But Apple’s carrying sharing approach to data privacy seemed to be quietly shelved when it started making money on “tags” which allowed stalkers to track victims and partners to check if their partners were cheating.


Last modified on 03 November 2023
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