Apple is deliberately vandalising messages sent from Android phones
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Tame Apple Press shocked that Apple turns message bubbles puke green 

The fruity cargo-cult Apple is so terrified that its fanbois might be tempted by Android machines it has been changing colours on iMessages sent from Android phones to puke-green instead of Apple's smug blue [are you sure that is an official colour. ed].

Facebook warns of dodgy applications
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Available through Apple and Android  

More than a million Facebook users might have given their usernames and passwords to harmful apps designed to help scammers take over their accounts.

Apple has a problem -- it could be about to fall behind Android
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Next generation Android cleans Apple's clock 

Following the disappointing Phone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max launches the Tame Apple Press are having to recognise that the next generation of Android will out perform Apple.

Google releases cross-device app kit
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Wants Android apps to work on every device

Online search outfit Google has released a new software development kit it hopes will make it easier to use Android apps across all types of devices.

Robots getting more human
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Facial expression capabilities

Engineers are flat out trying to get robots looking and acting more human – a humanoid robot Ameca has been developed that can wink, purse its lips, frown and grin.

Google bans 50 dodgy Android apps
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Beware the Joker 

Google has just banned another 50 applications from its Play Store with anyone who downloaded them before the block came into force facing their personal details being stolen, text messages intercepted and even being signed up for subscription plans they never wanted or actually use.

Android malware subscribes you to paid services
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Microsoft's 365 Defender Researchers warn

The security team from Microsoft's 365 Defender Research undertaking has Android malware which subscribes you for paid services on its own volition.

Milan-based RCS Lab hacked Apple and Android
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Too sexy from Milan

An Italian company's hacking tools were good enough to take down Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, according to Google.

Microsoft updates Windows for Android
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More integration than you can poke a stick at 

Microsoft has updated the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to Android 12.1 and shipped improvements to Android integration with Windows, networking, the camera in apps, and the Settings app.

Alibaba Cloud porting Android to RISC-V
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Unable for the US to stop it

Alibaba Cloud has advanced its work to port Android to the RISC-V in a move which will stop the US from preventing China getting its paws on US tech.