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Firefox gets total cookie protection

by on15 November 2022

On Android

Firefox Android browser users will enable the Total Cookie Protection feature by default.

There will be no separate option to enable the Total Cookie Protection in Firefox for Android as it will be part of the Enhanced Tracking Protection setting. You'll just need to switch to the Custom or Strict set from the Standard protection mode. The feature discourages tracking companies from using cookies to track your browsing preferences.

In 2015, the company rolled out an anti-tracking measure called Tracking Protection, a feature that let people turn on protection by going into Private Browsing mode. Later in 2019, it added Enhanced Tracking Protection to actively protect users rather than expect them to defend themselves.

Mozilla has now enabled it for Android users. The feature mainly works by creating a separate ‘cookie jar’ for each website you visit. So, instead of allowing trackers to link your behaviour across multiple sites.

No other websites can access the assigned cookie jars and find out what information other websites’ cookie jars have about you. You get all the necessary protections against tracking without compromising your mobile browsing experience.


Last modified on 15 November 2022
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