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Apple update warns users about their earbuds

by on03 May 2022

Software Genii strike again

Apple’s software genii, who have been unable to wrote code which allows the iPhone to tell the time correctly, have had another breakthrough fixing tracking tags which are being used to stalk people.

For a while now Apple has been embarrassed that its fanboys have been using its AirTags to violate privacy and stalk people. All this was expected to stop when Jobs’ Mob a staggered rollout of a new firmware update.

Currently, users receive an unwanted tracking alert that can play a sound to help them find the unknown AirTag, however, in the post-update, there will be an adjusted tone sequence to use more of the loudest tones to make an unknown AirTag more easily findable.

This means that victims of Apple stalkers will know if they are in their bedroom at 3 am but some people have a different problem.

The software Genii apparently created a function which sends notifications to iPads trying to warn them about their own AirPod earbuds.

The Tame Apple Press is apparently shocked. After all, Apple knows and loves them so much, surely it knows that they own AirPods and these belong to them.

To make matters worse, users have also reported the problem with their AirTags not being recognised. "I get constant notifications that an air tag is near me, but it turns out it's my tags.

So like a lot of Apple software, Apple will have to release an update to fix the problem of an earlier update which failed to resolve the central problem – namely that people are using its gear to track victims across town.


Last modified on 03 May 2022
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