ASRock teases new Phantom graphics card lineup
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It is not about crypto mining after all

ASRock has released a teaser video for its upcoming Phantom Gaming graphics card lineup, which confirms that the motherboard maker is going after the gaming market rather than the crypto mining one.

Gainward GTX 960 Phantom GLH previewed
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Preview: Mid-range Maxwell with GPU and memory overclock

The memory overclock really does much to increase gaming results, and GLH is faster that many GTX 960 competitors cards which have higher GPU clock, but no memory overclock. This was a good call on Gainward’s part.

Gainward GTX 970 Phantom previewed
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Preview: Quiet operation at the higher clocks

GPU overclocked to 980MHz

Working on GTX 780 Ti Phantom series


Review: More affordable alternative to GTX 680 SLI/GTX 690


Review: Worthy GTX 680 substitute


Preview: Will doubling the memory make a difference?


Fingers crossed for Nvidia's response to AMD's price cuts

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With Phantom cooler