Cisco’s resistors can’t resist after 18 months
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There is no point going on

Cisco appears to be having a couple of problems with its resistors and warned that two of them might give up the ghost after 18 months.

Huawei alleged to have stolen Cisco source code
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US's most recent "proof" of Chinese "spying"

Huawei and its Santa Clara-based subsidiary Futurewei stole trade secrets from San Jose tech giant Cisco and used them to copy Cisco routers, the US government claims.

Cisco firewall has a giant bug
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Lets hackers in and makes them a cup of tea

Cisco is urging customers to update its Firepower Management Centre software "after users informed it of a critical bug that attackers could exploit over the internet".

Emotet back from near death
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World’s most costly botnets

One of the world's most costly and destructive botnets -- has returned from a four-month break.

Cisco expects China crisis
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Trade war fall out

The fallout from US President Donald [Prince of Orange] Trump’s ongoing trade war with China is beginning to hurt US technology suppliers selling into the Chinese market.

Cisco pays fine for making hackable tech
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We thought only Huawei did that ?

While the US government bangs on about how Huawei gear is spying for the Chinese government,  Cisco has agreed to pay $8.6 million to settle a claim that it sold video surveillance software it knew was vulnerable to hackers to hospitals, airports, schools, state governments and federal agencies.

Cisco backdoor patched. Huawei the lads!
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Sorry, China - not you. It is Cisco

US Cisco networking giant Cisco patched a security vulnerability in some of its network switches that could take over IT equipment and spy on people.

British cows get 5G connectivity before humans
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Mooving ahead of the herd

While Britons mull Russian propaganda which claims 5G is a health risk, a herd of UK dairy cows have said “pull the udder one” and have moved ahead of the rest of the UK when it comes to 5G connectivity.

US orders Germany to dump Huawei
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Intelligence. They've heard of it

In a remarkable escalation of the tech wars between the USA and China, a missive to Germany instructed the independent country not to use Huawei kit.

Cisco beats analysts' expectations
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Software moves are paying off

Cisco beat analysts’ estimates for quarterly revenue and profit thanks to demand for its routers and switches as well as growth in newer areas of focus such as software.