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Cisco’s resistors can’t resist after 18 months

by on30 April 2020

There is no point going on

Cisco appears to be having a couple of problems with its resistors and warned that two of them might give up the ghost after 18 months.

A Cisco field notice reveals that models ASA5508 and ASA5516 “might fail in operation, after 18 months or longer, due to a damaged component. This is due to a manufacturing process issue… the security appliances might have a damaged resistor component.

“Security appliances with a damaged resistor will function normally on installation and product failures are expected to increase over time beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months. Once the security appliance has failed the unit will no longer function, will not boot, and is not recoverable.”

If you are the lucky owner of one of them, your box’s status LED will go amber and blink. The 5508 unit costs about $700, and the 5516 around $3,000.

Cisco will send you a new box but those living in Asia, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and the UAE may need to wait up to three months for their new kit to arrive. This is not Cisco’s fault but apparently there are a few “importation regulations” getting in the way.


Last modified on 30 April 2020
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