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Cisco boss says tech needs to be simpler

by on07 June 2023

Features are good but if you can’t deploy them, they are useless

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins told Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas that technology needed to become more straightforward.

He said: “We love features… For years, it’s been a feature game. But if you can’t deploy them, they’re no good. So, simplicity is the number one feature that I think our team needs to continue to focus on. Simplify your experience using our technology.”

“We know how important technology is to the success of your businesses... and to humanity," Robbins added, highlighting the critical role technology played for organisations everywhere during the pandemic.

Robbins said technology was the key to everything, but It's a complicated world, and Cisco must bring this technology to bear to realise the benefit.

Cisco works with over a million customers and partners across the globe, with its technology present at 98 per cent of the world’s largest organisations.

He added that this gives the company unparalleled insight into the issues affecting businesses in multiple industries, particularly around security and connectivity - Cisco’s traditional strong points.

“When we look to the future, we want to connect everything securely,” he stated.

Robbins said: “AI was moving so quickly, and we as organisations are trying to figure out how we use it, along with trust, what the risks are, and how are we getting benefits. We want to do great things with AI - but we want to do it responsibly.”


Last modified on 07 June 2023
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