Florida bloke flogged a $1 billion worth of fake Cisco gear
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Cisco kidding 

A man has been charged with selling $1 billion worth of fake Cisco networking equipment, which he illegally imported from China.

Cisco slashes earnings forecast
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Blames Covid and Putin

Cisco cut its full-year earnings forecast on Wednesday after COVID lockdowns in China and the war in Ukraine dragged sales below estimates in the third quarter, sending shares down 13 per cent in extended trading.

Cisco comes up with network predictive technology
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Your router is going to meet a tall dark stranger with a Russian accent

Cisco has released technology that it says can predict issues on enterprise networks before they happen to help prevent problems and increase reliability.

Cisco wants to copy Microsoft
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Adapt to cloud era

Networking giant Cisco says it has turned a corner in its attempt to adapt to the cloud era.

Cisco says staff don't have to come into the office
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No return is needed for the Cisco Kid 

Cisco has surprised everyone by saying that it will not require its workers to come into the office to be bored by middle managers and whiteboards ever again.

Cisco walloped with $1.9 billion demand
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Copied tech and shut the inventor out of government contracts

Cisco has been hit with a massive $1.9 billion patent-infringement bill after it apparently nicked Centripetal Networks technology to shut the outfit out of lucrative government contracts.

Huawei fights back
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Trade wars move to patent wars

Looks like Huawei is going to fight back against the US for the sanctions it has imposed on the company using the US patent system.

Cisco’s resistors can’t resist after 18 months
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There is no point going on

Cisco appears to be having a couple of problems with its resistors and warned that two of them might give up the ghost after 18 months.

Huawei alleged to have stolen Cisco source code
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US's most recent "proof" of Chinese "spying"

Huawei and its Santa Clara-based subsidiary Futurewei stole trade secrets from San Jose tech giant Cisco and used them to copy Cisco routers, the US government claims.

Cisco firewall has a giant bug
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Lets hackers in and makes them a cup of tea

Cisco is urging customers to update its Firepower Management Centre software "after users informed it of a critical bug that attackers could exploit over the internet".