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US Army could waste $22 billion on Voleware
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Soldiers not that interested in Microsoft HoloLens headsets

The US Army could end up wasting much as $22 billion in taxpayer cash on Microsoft HoloLens headsets which soldiers don’t want and can’t use as intended.

Russian army faces 21st century problem.
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Soldiers with phones

The Washington Post reports Russian troops in Ukraine "have relied, with surprising frequency, on unsecured communication devices such as smartphones and push-to-talk radios."

Polish army gets cyber component
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Staying ahead of things

The nation whose “winged hussars” were the terror of Europe has decided to invest to provide a cyber component in its army.

Army comes up with a drone killing microwave
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Can also pop corn and reheat coffee and pizzas

The Pentagon notified Congress of its purchase of a microwave weapon system designed to knock down swarms of enemy drones with pulses of energy.

US army to trash the First Law of Robotics
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Desperate to automate AI

US generals already see AI as the next big weapon in their arsenal, and while the rest of the world is worried about AI breaking Azimov's first law of robotics, it would appear that the military wants robot troops killing humans on the battlefield by next Tuesday.

Flameproof Lithium batteries developed
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Notify Samsung 

A team of Americian Army boffins have emerged from their back-rooms with lithium ion batteries that are resistant to exploding or catching fire.

Trump creates a new cyber command
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Free of the involvement of the pesky NSA

After months of delay, the Trump administration is finalising plans to revamp the nation's military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations.

Siemens develops spider army
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Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Siemens

German manufacturing giant Siemens has developed an army of robot spiders which can work together to build 3D print structures and parts in real time.

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Closed off social networking

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Battle of the spammers