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US Army to get Reddit knock off

by on27 June 2012

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Closed off social networking

The US Army has apparently been stumped on what to do with social media for some time, but has managed to come up with an ingenious quasi-social networking concept - a closed off Reddit knockoff.

Dubbed Eureka, it should feature the same concept where most popular content goes up the feed. However, it is said to be a more restricted and focused version, so expect the usual military rules to apply.

Users will vote for "ideas", rather than the kind of content you may find on such sites. The kind of ideas we're talking about here are the kind that help with army training or hamper its efficiency. Sounds fun already. 

Eureka will launch mid-July as part of milSuite, a collection of "social" networking tools that holds also wonderfully social milWiki, milBook, milTube, and milBlog. As the names would suggest these are closed off versions of Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress blogs.

It is said that milSuite is also used as an online knowledge repository, which comes in handy during personnel changes. Currently, milSuite has 200,000 users, including 200 admirals and generals.

More here.

Last modified on 27 June 2012
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