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Trump creates a new cyber command

by on18 July 2017

Free of the involvement of the pesky NSA

After months of delay, the Trump administration is finalising plans to revamp the nation's military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations.

The aim is not to take on Russia, because everyone knows that Russia does not hack the US – after all they said they don’t. Apparently, the target is the Islamic State group which are so good at hacking that no one has ever detected them doing any hacks.

Under the plans, US Cyber Command would eventually be split off from the intelligence focused National Security Agency.

Trump said the goal is to give US Cyber Command more autonomy, freeing it from any constraints that stem from working alongside the NSA, which is responsible for monitoring and collecting telephone, internet and other intelligence data from around the world.  

The feeling is that all this cyber spying that the NSA does somehow clashes with the responsibility that can sometimes clash with military operations against enemy forces. Yeah you have two agencies doing the same thing and which will be rivals – this is going to work really well.

Making cyber an independent military command will put the fight in digital space on the same footing as more traditional realms of battle on land, in the air, at sea and in space, a government spokesman Trumped. 

Last modified on 18 July 2017
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