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Apple finds getting its silicon to work on its “high-end” machines tricky
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So much for the hype

Fruity cargo cult Apple has failed to get its silicon to work on its high end cheese grater MacPro workstations, and even the Tame Apple Press is starting to wonder about it.

Open saucers get Linux running on M1 Ultra
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Arch Linux seems to run on Apple Silicon Macs

A small group of volunteers has worked to get Asahi Linux up and running on Apple Silicon Macs, by adapting existing drivers and (in the case of the GPU) painstakingly writing their own, and rescue the hardware from the Walled Garden.

More evidence that M1 Ultra can’t match real GPUs
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Two to three years behind Nvidia and AMD

The fruity and nutty cargo cult Apple’s claims that it has created a chip with a GPU which can match the best on the market is proving to be about as fake as Putin’s claim to be winning the Ukraine war.

Apple’s M1 Ultra is as rubbish as you would expect
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Matching the RTX 3090 – don’t make me laugh

It appears that Apple’s bizarre claim that its M1 Ultra chip can match Nvidia’s RTX 3090 is as true as Tsar Putin's claims that he has not invaded Ukraine.

Apple event shows how bad the mainstream press has become
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Release something and the Tame Apple Press goes mental 

Fruity and nutty cargo-cult Apple has released some new products and the Tame Apple Press is falling over itself to hype the overpriced mediocre products.

Apple fuses two M1 Max chips for M1 Ultra
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Tuesday, 08 March 2022 23:37

Apple fuses two M1 Max chips for M1 Ultra

UltraFusion for 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU

During its Peek Performance event, Apple unveiled what they call "a monster of a chip", the M1 Ultra. By "fusing" two M1 Max chips, the company has created the biggest chip they have, packing 114b transistors, 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, and up to 128GB of unified memory.