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Apple finds getting its silicon to work on its “high-end” machines tricky

by on20 December 2022

So much for the hype

Fruity cargo cult Apple has failed to get its silicon to work on its high end cheese grater MacPro workstations, and even the Tame Apple Press is starting to wonder about it.

Apple introduced its first M1 system-on-chip for PCs in mid-2020, and it told the world that all its Macs would be running on these “ground-breaking” chips. But for the last two years, nothing has happened and the company should have introduced its Mac Pro workstation featuring its own processor.

At first, Apple planned to build its new Mac Pro around its M1 Ultra dual-chip processor, but that device ended up in the most powerful Mac Studio desktop, and the company scrapped plans to produce a Mac Pro on its M1 generation. It claimed that it would use the dual-chip M2 Ultra and quad-chip M2 Extreme processors for its top-of-the-range workstation one of these days.

The news still made the Tame Apple press moist as they advertised that the M2 Ultra would feature 24 general-purpose cores and 76 graphics clusters, whereas the M2 Extreme is projected to feature 48 general-purpose CPU cores and 152 graphics clusters.

The M2 Ultra is reportedly designed to support at least 192 GB of memory, so expect the M2 Extreme version to support up to 384 GB of DRAM, one breathlessly claimed.

But it seemed that Apple has scrapped plans to produce M2 Extreme processor because of complexity and costs. A Mac Pro based on the alleged M2 Extreme processor would cost around $10,000 and Apple does not believe that even it can get away with a price tag that stupid.


Last modified on 20 December 2022
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