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Intel Battlemage GPUs to launch ahead of holiday shopping season
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Intel wants it on the market before November

Intel has so far managed to keep most information about its upcoming Battlemage GPUs well hidden and has only confirmed that these are on track. Now, rumors suggest that Intel aims to launch these GPs before the all-important holiday shopping season, which peaks with Black Friday.

Intel launches new Arc Pro graphics cards
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Thursday, 08 June 2023 21:14

Intel launches new Arc Pro graphics cards

The Arc Pro A60 and Arc Pro A60M 

Intel has launched two new Arc Pro graphics cards, the Arc Pro A60 and the Arc Pro A60M, both based on Intel's Xe-HPG Alchemist architecture.

Intel hopes to solve Arc woes with driver update
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Will be powered by two ducks

Chipzilla has not had much luck with its Arc Alchemist graphics cards, but apparently, it is hoping that a forthcoming driver update might offer a sizeable enough performance gain to keep it in the game.

Intel confirms Arc A780 graphics card was never planned
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A770 remains top

Intel’s Ryan Shrout, part of the Intel marketing group, used his Twitter to confirm that the Arc A780 card never existed.

Intel flagship Arc desktop GPU shows up at IEM 2022
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Desktop Alchemist behind a dual-fan design

While we have already seen the flagship Intel Arc desktop graphics card in a teaser video, it made a surprise appearance at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) 2022 in Dallas, USA

Chipzilla might launch Arc Alchemist at Vision 2022
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That is May 10th

Intel has officially announced that its ‘Vision 2022’ conference is set to start on 10 May and the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which says that will be the day that the Chipzilla will launch its dedicated desktop Arc Alchemist graphics cards.

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards delayed
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Leak suggests that Nvidia’s Nemesis will be the middle of the year

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards was expected to launch in early 2022, and give Nvidia’s higher-end desktop GPUs a run for their money, but leaks are suggesting that they will be a bit later.

Intel Arc Alchemist gets video treatment
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Monday, 13 December 2021 12:26

Intel Arc Alchemist gets video treatment

Rumoured launch plans

Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics chips have been shown in a video, and its launch plans see fresh rumours.

Intel shows its Xe-HPG roadmap and details the Arc Alchemist GPU
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Shows Intel Xe SS (Super Sampling) as well

During its 2021 Architecture Day Intel gave a few more details about its upcoming Intel Arc GPUs, including the full roadmap, more details about the Arc Alchemist GPU, as well as the Intel Xe SS (Super Sampling) technology.

Intel introduces its new Arc brand for graphics products
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Will cover hardware, software, and services  

Intel pulled a rather neat surprise today unveiling its new Intel Arc brand for its upcoming consumer high-performance graphics products, including the upcoming Xe HPG 1st generation graphics card (DG2), as well as future Intel graphics products.