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Intel launches new Arc Pro graphics cards

by on08 June 2023

The Arc Pro A60 and Arc Pro A60M 

Intel has launched two new Arc Pro graphics cards, the Arc Pro A60 and the Arc Pro A60M, both based on Intel's Xe-HPG Alchemist architecture.

These are actually the first Intel Arc graphics cards to use the ACM-G12 GPU, featuring 16 Xe cores with 256 FP32 shading units and packing 12GB of GDDR6 memory. Both the A60 Pro desktop and the A60M Pro mobile share the same specifications, but the mobile version works at somewhat lower clocks.

According to the specification list, the Arc Pro A60 and the Arc Pro A60M pack 16 Xe cores with 16 Ray Tracing Units, 256 Execution Units (EUs), and 130W TDP, use PCIe 4.0 x16 interface, and come with a 192-bit memory interface. The A60 Pro desktop works at up to 2.4GHz while the A60M Pro mobile clocks at up to 1.3GHz. The desktop version has four DisplayPort 2.0 outputs. 

According to Intel, both cards should start shipping soon, with Arc Pro A60 expected to be available from Intel-authorized distributors in the coming weeks, and the Arc Pro A60M GPU for mobile systems will be available from OEM partners in the coming months. 

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