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McAfee shows world how to hack an iPhone

by on02 March 2016

You do not need to rewrite the operating system

Colourful IT candidate John McAfee showed how much rubbish Apple is putting into print by demonstrating that you don’t need to rewrite anything to allow the FBI access to a terrorist’s iPhone.

McAfee had been making some claims that he could unlock any iPhone for the FBI if they would just give him a call and when they didn’t he showed the world how to do it on US television.

Basically it involves a hardware engineer taking the phone apart physically, copying "the instruction set, which is the iOS and applications and your memory" A software engineer then runs a program called a disassembler, gathering all the ones and zeroes of inputs "and gives you readable instructions" A coder then reads these inputs and looks for the elements relating to the users PIN. This PIN is then used to enter the reassembled iPhone.

However the Tame Apple Press insists that this is impossible because “iPhones use an encryption system that is designed to stop what McAfee proposes on TV.” Even if it were not finding the PIN number in a sea of binary is tricky.

One Apple fanboy pretending to be a journalist whined that McAfee didn’t know how an iPhone worked and should “eat his shoe” for getting it wrong. Unfortunately the claim was backed by the laughable claim that “Apple is obsessed with security and would never let something like this happen” which is almost as funny.

While we are not saying McAfee is right, if it came down to it we would be more inclined to trust him over a US tech hack who parrots whatever it thinks that Jobs’ Mob would like to hear.

Last modified on 02 March 2016
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