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Richard Stallman says "I am still here"

by on30 September 2019

We guess he is worried people will think he is dead

Richard Stallman has reminded the GNU Project mailing list that he is still alive and head of the GNU Project (the Chief GNUisance).

On September 16 Stallman resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation, but he remained the head of the GNU Project.

The confusion appears to have arisen after a one-sentence update appeared on his personal blog at announcing that: "I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately."

But a few commenters on social media speculated that the post could have come from someone who'd hijacked Stallman's site -- and sure enough, that sentence had been removed by Sunday morning. posted an unconfirmed claim Sunday from "a generally reliable source" that " was defaced by an FSF employee. The deface has been reverted, and the domain appears to now be operating on non-FSF infrastructure".

Today's post seems to indicate that Richard Stallman is still around. 

Last modified on 30 September 2019
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